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If you support someone with a mental health problem, you may face slightly different or extra challenges. If you haven't experienced a mental health problem, it can be difficult to understand what it's like. The mental health system is complicated and you may find yourself having to fight for the right support for them.

Looking after a young person with a mental health problem can create additional strains and worries. You may blame yourself or feel helpless and frustrated that you can't help them feel better. You may bear the brunt of their emotions and anger.

It's common to think that as a parent you 'should' be able to cope - but you don't need to do this on your own and help is available. Talk to people around you and ask for their help, or if you don't have family, friends or a community that you feel you can turn to for support have a look at what help is available in your area.

A carer is an individual who provides unpaid help and support on a regular basis to a partner, family member or friend. The help they provide can be practical help, physical care or emotional support to a person that requires help.

View the mental health directory of local services and organisations

Local services and organisations for mental health carers

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