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Carer's Passport

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Plymouth's Carer Passport

The Plymouth Family and Friend Carer Passport helps:

  • you identify as a carer
  • us recognise you as a carer

We are making a commitment to you as a carer to recognise and value the support you provide, the expertise you bring, and the needs you have in terms of your own health and welfare.

Research shows that unpaid carers of family or friends routinely neglect their own health and care needs in order to prioritise the needs of the person they care for.

We will support family and friend carers to access the help you need in order to keep yourself in good physical and mental wellbeing. This will enable you to maintain your caring role, and, when appropriate, we can help you relinquish some aspects of your caring role.

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A Carer Passport gives you

  • Discounts at participating businesses
  • Access to information and support to help you with caring
  • An opportunity to connect with other carers
  • An emergency response card
  • Some discounts are available in healthcare settings, depending on circumstances

The Carer Passport identifies you as a carer and alerts emergency services in the event of an emergency. The card is credit card-sized and can be carried in your purse, wallet, or bag. It gives you peace of mind and may help you be less anxious about going out and leaving the person you care for at home. In addition, it can help give you peace of mind if anything happens to you. The details on your card may also be used to ensure the person you care for is safe.

Devon and Cornwall Police and South Western Ambulance Service will recognise the Carers Alert Card as identification of you being a family and friend carer.


How to get a Carer Passport

To request a carer passport, residents will first need to register with Caring for Carers.

Register as a carer

You can also call 01752 201890 or email

Please include your full name, address, date of birth, and the name and address of the person you care for.

Carers that are already registered with Caring for Carers will automatically receive a passport in the mail.


Supporting organisations

Improving Lives Plymouth

The main carer support service in Plymouth is called Caring for Carers and is run by the charity Improving Lives Plymouth. If you are looking after someone and have not registered with us already, we would strongly advise that you do so, as we can offer information, advice, and support to make your caring role a little easier.

Once registered with us, you will receive our regular paper and e-newsletters and have access to:

  • Information and advice from Carers Support Coordinators
  • Statutory carer assessments and annual reviews
  • Training opportunities
  • Free or subsidised leisure and social activities
  • City-wide support groups
  • Carers personal budget (where eligible)
  • Counselling (where eligible)

The carer passport can also be used to claim discounts from businesses that have signed up to support Plymouth carers.

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Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council is responsible for ensuring there are social care services available. Adult social care is the support provided to adults with physical or learning disabilities or physical or mental illnesses. This could be for personal care (such as eating, washing, or getting dressed) or for domestic routines (such as cleaning or going to the shops).

This support is provided in various ways. It can be provided through formal care services, including a residential care home or a paid carer helping in the home. These services have to be paid for, usually by the council or through private funds. Family members, neighbours, or friends may also provide unpaid care. Adult social care also includes social workers who support individuals and their families through difficult times and ensure that vulnerable people, including children and adults, are safeguarded from harm.

Their role is to help improve outcomes in people's lives, and this may include you as a family or friend carer. They maintain professional relationships and act as guides and advocates.

Further information is available on this website, the Plymouth Online Directory.

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University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

University Hospitals Plymouth is aware of how difficult the carer role can be and values the vital work you do. The Trust also recognises the impact that caring responsibilities have on carers and that there is a need to support and help people in their caring roles. Periods of inpatient care can be an additional burden for carers. The uncertain situation may increase anxiety and stress levels, while the emotional and physical strain of hospital visits may lead to greater exhaustion. Please ask staff on the ward for help and access to the healthcare professionals who are caring for the person you care for.

Our Carers Policy is in place to support you; we encourage you to speak to the ward staff about how we can work in partnership to ensure the person you care for receives the best treatment whilst an inpatient with us.

Carers have told us that extra practical and emotional support around discharge is important so that you are fully prepared and know what to expect. Your help with the discharge and planning arrangements for the person you care for is so important to us, and we will involve you in this process.

As a carer (while the person you care for is staying with us for an inpatient stay), you may be entitled to:

  • A Hospital Carers card
  • Carer Information Pack
  • Access to the Learning Disability and Autism Service where support is required
  • There is currently no free parking, but there is a multi-story car park that can be used (charges apply).
  • 10% discount in the Level 7 restaurant and Warrens café
  • Access to a Care Support Worker from Improving Lives Plymouth for carer advice and assessments

For more information, please visit the Plymouth Hospitals website.

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Livewell Southwest

Livewell Southwest CIC provides health and social Livewell care services for the City of Plymouth. This includes mental health, physical health, and adult social care. In addition, we provide some community nursing and community therapy services in the South Hams and West Devon.

At Livewell Southwest, we will support you as family and friend carers to access the care that you need in order to keep yourself in good physical and mental health. This will enable you to maintain your caring role and, when appropriate, we can help you relinquish some aspects of your caring role.

Please talk to our staff about any concerns you have, about your own needs, and/or concerns about the person you care for.

  • There is currently no free parking, but there is a multi-story car park that can be used (charges apply).
  • A family room is available for use when visiting someone in the hospital.
  • Unfortunately, as visitors are not permitted into the wards, there are no free meal options. There are, however, catering facilities nearby and within a short walk.

For more information, please visit the Livewell Southwest website.

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St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

At St Luke's, we recognise the impact on family and friends when caring for a loved one at the end of their life. We understand that family and friends have their unique knowledge of the dying person and we aim to work with the whole family.

Most people receive our services at home or at Derriford Hospital. If you are caring for someone in this situation, we will offer you:

  • The opportunity to explore future care and support options for the person you care for
  • Time for you to address your own needs as carer
  • Dedicated support for young carers in your family
  • Signposting to other local carer services
  • Pre- and post-bereavement support

If your loved one is admitted to our specialist unit at Turnchapel, please ask us about the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free beverages, vending machine, and limited kitchen facilities to make your own food
  • Purchasing meals from the café
  • Limited facilities for families to stay overnight
  • Free car parking

For more information, please visit the St Luke s Hospice website.

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Help and support

For further information and support, please call 01752 201890 or email

Or, pop in and talk to us at 156 Mannamead Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL3 SQL.

Your personal information will be held with Caring for Carers and will be kept confidential and secured in line with data protection legislation and regulations.

The carer passport will include your name as well as an emergency telephone number to ensure the person you care for continues to receive help.


Further information about the Carer Passport


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