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Cost of Care Indicator and Financial Assessment

Cost of Care Indicator and Financial Assessment Panel

Will I need to pay for care in my own home or professional care in a nursing or residential home?

How much you will need to pay depends on the type of care, your total savings, and whether you own a property.

Use our online cost of care indicator to quickly find out whether you will need to pay for your future care.

Any contribution that you need to pay is chargeable from day one of receiving the service.

What you will need before you start

Before you begin, you will need:

  • To know the type of care you may need
  • Whether you have savings over £23,250
  • If you own a property

Start the Cost of Care Indicator and Financial Assessment

The cost-of-care indicator should only take a few minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

Please note that our cost of care indicator will not provide a definitive calculation for your future care costs. It will give you an indication of whether you may need to pay for your future care needs or whether the Council could pay the full or partial cost of your care.

If you or your relative require care, then the council will first need to complete a needs assessment. We will then complete a detailed financial assessment. During the assessment, we will look at your finances, in detail, and work out the exact costs of your future care and how they will be paid for.

If you do not understand a question or are concerned that the form does not address your needs, please call 01752 668000 or email

Please answer all questions honestly.

Who can help me

Don't worry if you need help completing a financial assessment, as there are organisations that will support you. 

The council's Client Financial Services Team can be contacted by calling 01752 668000 during normal office hours.

  • Wellbeing Hubs: Based throughout Plymouth, the Wellbeing Hubs make it easier for you to access information, health, and community services.
  • Advocates: If you find it difficult to understand your care and support or find it hard to speak up, there are people who can act as a spokesperson for you. They make sure you're heard, and they are called advocates.
  • The Age UK and Money Helper websites both contain lots of useful guides.



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