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Health and Wellbeing Champion Programme

As part of the Enhanced and Specialised Care Strategy, QAIT are working with CCG and Public Health colleagues to develop a programme of training workshops for nominated individuals from care homes and domiciliary care providers to act as Health and Wellbeing Champions within their services to:

  • Work with colleagues and professionals to develop ideas on how the organisation can be more proactive with health and wellbeing;
  • Be available to advise colleagues, customers and clients about health and wellbeing and be able to signpost to relevant health and wellbeing services;
  • Network to share ideas and experiences, including at the Dignity in Care Forums

The training is delivered by key health and social care partners through quarterly sessions and will focus on a variety of topics including Falls, Respiratory and COPD, flu and infectious diseases, UTIs, sepsis and diabetes.

Information and presentations from the training sessions are available to download on this page.

For more information please contact

Session 1: Falls management (PDF) [920KB]

Session 2 - Respiratory - Inhaler Technique (PDF) [840KB]

Session 2 - Respiratory - Oxygen (PDF) [199KB]

Session 2 - Respiratory - Recognising an Exacerbation (PDF) [101KB]

Session 2 - Respiratory - What is COPD (PDF) [258KB]

Session 3 - Flu update (PDF) [357KB]

Session 3 - Oxygen cleaning Device and information sheet (PDF) [73KB]

Session 3 - Seasonal influenza (PDF) [351KB]

Session 3 - UTIs (PDF) [801KB]

Session 4 - Diabetes - Diet, Nutrition & The Obesity Toolkit V1 (PDF) [1MB]

Session 4 - Diabetes - Diet, Nutrition & The Obesity Toolkit V2 (PDF) [2MB]

Session 4 - Diabetes - Keep yourself healthy - A Guide To Having A Healthy Heart (PDF) [2MB]

Session 4 - Diabetes - QAIT (PDF) [702KB]

Session 4 - Diabetes - What to do when you have Type 2 diabetes Easy read guide (PDF) [1MB]

Session 4 - Diabetes eye screening easy read (PDF) [421KB]

Session 4 - Diabetes Alphabet Strategy Symbols (PDF) [2MB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Care Certificate Fluids and Nutrition Standard (PDF) [2MB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Delirium quick guide (PDF) [241KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Dementia and Sensory Challenges (PDF) [153KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Enhanced Health in Care Homes (PDF) [709KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Huntingdons nutrition management (PDF) [697KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - KLOEs (PDF) [331KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Oral health a quick guide for care home managers (PDF) [942KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Oral health assessment tool (PDF) [282KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - QAIT (PDF) [709KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Self assessment activity (Word doc) [36KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Sensory Changes and Dementia booklet (PDF) [153KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Stroke and healthy eating (PDF) [385KB]

Session 5 - Nutrition - Tips for older vegetarians and vegans (PDF) [1MB]

Session 6 - Continence and Constipation - Constipation leaflet (PDF) [1MB]

Session 6 - Continence and Constipation - Constipation (PDF) [1MB]

Session 6 - Continence and Constipation - Continence (PDF) [1MB]

Session 6 - Continence and Constipation - Pelvic floor exercises (PDF) [310KB]

Session 6 - Continence and Constipation - Understanding constipation in LD (PDF) [385KB]

For more information please email QualityAssurance&

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