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Leadership Programme

Good social care has the potential to transform people's lives. It can help them to realise independence, exercise meaningful choice and control over the care and support they receive, and live with dignity and opportunity. High quality leadership needs to run through every aspect of the social care workforce to make sure we have high quality care.

The 'Caring for our Future; Reforming Care and Support' document below emphasises the importance of leadership at all levels and is important for the future of social care. The sector needs to develop a pipeline of new talent, comfortable with working across traditional boundaries and capable of inspiring the workforce of the future.

With this in mind, Plymouth Cooperative Commissioning have developed a Leadership Programme for Registered Managers in Care Homes in Plymouth.

The programme

The programme aims to:

  • Embed the building blocks from the Leadership Qualities Framework - National Skills Academy
  • Provide individuals and organisations with a benchmark against which to measure their current leadership capability.

It will:

  • Be delivered by the Council, in partnership with NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and Plymouth Community Healthcare
  • Be piloted with 15 care homes, starting in February 2015
  • Consist of 24 days in total, covering four core and four complimentary modules, clinical support and guidance, and work-based sessions.

By providing quality and innovative training, it is our intention that:

  • Public and professional awareness and understanding of leadership will be improved
  • The quality framework for care homes, such as the Dignity in Care Forum, the Dementia Quality Mark, the Quality Assurance and Improvement Team and the Charter for Older People, will be maintained and supported.
  • It will help to deliver excellent social care - good leadership is crucial towards delivering this
  • It will make a significant difference to the lives of people who use the service

The programme will provide individuals and organisations with a benchmark against which to measure their current leadership capability and to create targeted development plans.

The expectations of the care home manager taking part in the programme will be:

  • Full attendance
  • Complete all modules
  • Fully participate and bring experiences to the course
  • Support and develop research sources
  • Evidence and embed principles
  • Support quality improvement and mentor others through the framework
  • Come back and share learning.

For more information please email QualityAssurance&

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