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Prepaid cards

Prepaid Cards Paying For Care Panel

Although direct payments can offer you more choice and control over your care, prepaid cards are another option. They are a type of payment card that works similarly to a debit card, but with a key difference: the card needs to be topped up with funds before you can use it.

The card is a secure and convenient way for you to receive your money so that you can pay providers, suppliers, and employees for the support and care you need.

Benefits of a prepaid card

  • The card eliminates the need for a person to open a separate bank account
  • The card is very quick to set up
  • There is less paperwork involved as the card provides an easy, real-time monitoring system
  • Record-keeping is much easier

How prepaid cards work

The council will apply for a prepaid card on your behalf, and when you receive your card, you will need to register it. This can be done either online or by calling the number provided with the card. 

The council will arrange for your direct payment funds to be loaded onto the card, and you can then use your card to pay for services that you need as agreed in your support plan.

You can set up standing orders to pay for regular items or services, such as salaries for personal assistants and your direct payments will usually be loaded onto your card once a week

Who can help me?

If you have any questions regarding payment for your care, please contact the Client Financial Services Team by emailing or the Direct Payments Team via

If you prefer to speak with someone, please call 01752 668000.



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