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Source: Department for Health and Social Care

Updated 8 December 2021

Social care is there to help people live the life they want to lead and there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to support services.

The type of support people receive varies from person to person depending on their personal circumstances, so understanding what support is available and where to turn to for help can be difficult.

Not only for people who draw on care and support but for the millions of unpaid carers who care for others.

We want to make it easier for people to make decisions about the care they or their loved ones need to live the life they want to, and to understand what their rights are and what support is available to them.

We want to ensure high-quality information and advice is available and accessible to everyone who may need it, so people are empowered to make informed decisions about the care and support they may need, now and in the future.

This means making sure that people understand the support available to them in their area to maintain their health and wellbeing and achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.

We also need to make sure that people receiving care and support, particularly those who may face challenges with finding employment, are supported to obtain work.

What's changing

To meet this ambition, over the next three years we will:

  • Invest at least £5m to pilot and evaluate new ways to help make it easier for people to navigate their local adult social care system.
  • Identify effective ways for local authorities to support people with autism and learning difficulties into employment, with the launch of the Local Supported Employment scheme.

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