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Southernway Children's Centre

Southernway Children's Centre is managed by Barnardo's and provides a variety of groups and activities.

Contacts details

Address:Youth And Community Centre
Hendwell Close
Telephone number: 01752 875933
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We are open and here to support you.

Please call your local children's centre for more details or follow Barnardo's Plymouth on Facebook.

  • Fourwoods Children's Centre, 01752 366795
  • Nomony Children's Centre, 01752 261844
  • The Barn Children's Centre, 01752 362320
  • DELL Children's Centre, 01752 788992
  • Tamar FOLK Children's Centre, 01752 361052
  • Plymstock Children's Centre, 01752 407496
  • Plum Tree (Rees Centre), 01752 340550
  • Whitleigh Children's Centre, 01752 875933

If you are a parent or carer and you require advice, guidance or support from our Supporting Families Team, please email or ring your local centre.

If you would like to refer a child or family to Barnardo's to receive individual support from our services, or you would like to self-refer, please contact your local children's centre or use the Referral Form in the Downloads section of this page and send to This service will provide support to children and families who do not currently have active social worker involvement.

Barnardo's Virtual Support Hub

Our Support Hub contains a wide range of resources, tools, videos and more focused on supporting your family during the pandemic.

Visit the Barnardo's Virtual Support Hub

Volunteering opportunities in Plymouth 

Whether helping customers in a shop, doing essential admin in the office or working directly with young people at a service, our volunteers make a huge difference to children's lives.

To become a volunteer, all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to help. You can choose how much time you give and we'll give you all the training and support you need.

We welcome people from all nationalities and backgrounds. Our volunteers include job-seekers, retired workers, asylum seekers, full-time workers, students and schoolchildren.

Whoever you are and however you choose to volunteer, you'll be part of a supportive community coming together to transform children's lives. 

View volunteering opportunities in Plymouth

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Age range
  • Early years - 0 to 5 years

  • Groups and activities run by the Children's Centre follow the Five to Thrive approach. Five to Thrive is a family friendly approach to promoting healthy brain development and positive relationships. Central to the five to thrive approach are a set of five key activities:

    • Respond
    • Cuddle
    • Relax
    • Play
    • Talk

    More about Barnardo's Plymouth

    Barnardo's Plymouth provide a wide range of services across the city including Children's Centres, Young Carers, Sexual Exploitation (BASE) and Independent Visiting and Advocacy Services (PIVAS). We aim to protect all children from harm and empower the local community to also help us do this. 

    Price: Please contact us for information about our costs
    Based: Plymouth

    Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm

    Childcare Type:
    • Children's Centre
    Age ranges:
    • Nursery - under 5

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