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Alternative Complementary Education (ACE)

Alternative Complementary Education (ACE) Panel

Alternative Complementary Education (ACE) refers to alternative educational provision that is complementary to mainstream schooling.

It caters to children who are unable to attend mainstream education full-time due to reasons like illness, exclusion, school refusal, teenage pregnancy, etc.

The aims are to supplement mainstream learning, address barriers to education, and provide support so students can transition back into school successfully. Provision includes part-time education programmes, home tutoring, online learning, personalised learning plans, therapy, vocational training, and more.

Settings include dedicated ACE centres, community spaces, online platforms, as well as the student's home. ACE works as a flexible, tailored form of education to meet specific student needs and circumstances outside of mainstream schooling.

What is the Alternative Provision Framework?

The alternative provision framework is a list of education providers that are able to offer provision for young people in Plymouth schools. 

This list includes the following types of providers:

Subject to Ofsted inspection:

  • Schools that have a support offer that other schools can purchase
  • Post-16 providers

Not subject to Ofsted inspection:

  • Non-registered providers
  • Providers of online learning
  • Tutors



Locations that are part of the Alternative Provision Framework

Name Type 
ACE Schools Multi Academy TrustSchool and Colleges
City College schools ProgrammeSchool and Colleges
CourtlandsSchool and Colleges
Edison CentreSchool and Colleges
Edison Centre 2School and Colleges
WaveSchool and Colleges
Chapel BridgeOfsted Regulated Independent Settings
DYS Space LtdOfsted Regulated Independent Settings
Eat that FrogOfsted Regulated Independent Settings
OnTrackOfsted Regulated Independent Settings
Phoenix Learning and CareOfsted Regulated Independent Settings
Skills Group SWOfsted Regulated Independent Settings
Bespoke Engaging Education ServiceIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
BikespaceIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Bluescreen ITIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
CTSW SKILLSIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Discovery College (YMCA)Independent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Hamoaze HouseIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Moor To Life CICIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Ocean City CollegeIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Quantock Outdoor EducationIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Routeways Centre LtdIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Support EdIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
SWISIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
The Pioneers ProjectIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated
Poles Apart APIndependent Settings - Not Ofsted Regulated



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