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Exeter Deaf Academy

At Exeter Deaf Academy, we welcome deaf children and young people from across the UK. We are a bilingual day and residential school and college for 5-25 year olds, teaching in English and British Sign Language. Our aim is to give our students the confidence, communication skills, education and support network they need to achieve their goals, and dream big.

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Address:50 Topsham Road
Telephone number: 01392 267023

We want to help deaf people be valued by themselves and their society, being confident, well educated, independent, able to communicate and with good and appropriate employment and housing.

The principal way we achieve this is through running a day and residential school and college for students from throughout the UK. We also support Deaf students in mainstream schools and colleges through our outreach service, and meet the wider needs of the Deaf community through a range of Deaf services and projects.We want to help you get ready for the next steps in your life.

We are a unique provision in the UK, offering young people with a range of different abilities and challenges - all of whom are Deaf or have hearing loss - a fantastic place to learn and grow.

Our Academy is a warm, friendly and safe place to live and study. We understand that our students are individuals, with unique needs and dreams for the future that deserve to be nurtured and encouraged. We want to make sure that every student who leaves the Academy goes out into the world confident and with the ability to communicate and achieve their goals.


In our school the children are treated as individuals and are supported to develop into independent and successful learners with a positive Deaf identity - ensuring they have high levels of self-esteem and confidence in themselves. All students are challenged to achieve excellence in academic performance whatever their ability. Our principal aim is to develop the finest quality learning community that we can through a bilingual philosophy, developing students use of both BSL and English.


  • You can try different courses and choose which one you like
  • Give you access to different mainstream colleges and their courses
  • Give you access to our Enterprise initiatives like the allotment and our craft workshop


Based: Devon

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