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Woodlands School

We are a foundation school, offering education for 85 children between the ages of 2 and 19 years with complex physical and sensory difficulties. Many pupils also have medical needs and other difficulties that may affect their learning.

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Address:Woodlands School
Wood View Learning Community
40 Picklecombe Drive
Telephone number: 01752 300101
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Our school is a resource for the whole of the South West peninsula; our pupils come from Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall to learn. Children's health is supported by our Nursing team and a range of staff from the NHS, Children's Integrated Disability Team, Livewell South West and staff from neighbouring authorities. Our staff work closely with therapists to get the best outcome for individual pupils.

We provide a range of opportunities for very young children and their parents or carers to come into the school, use the facilities and share their experiences with other people. We offer an inclusive service to our families; providing support for more than a child's learning and development. We guide families through various support assessment processes. Our Family Team offers help in a variety of ways; improving communication, guiding families to services, support and opportunities.

Our assessment nursery caters for children from the age of two, to attend sessions to develop their skills, some in readiness for inclusion and possible mainstream education. Our teaching provision is dynamic and all pupils have individual learning programmes which is based upon their Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) or their Statement of Special Educational Needs.

We promote high quality practice in supporting those with physical difficulties in schools across Plymouth through our successful Outreach Team. Our commitment to having high expectations for every child, an enabling curriculum and a strong emphasis on independence and self-actualisation, ensures our pupils leave school not only with a range of qualifications but also the skills for a fulfilling life.


Woodlands is a fully accessible building, built on two levels. We have lifts and well-marked corridors and stairs. We use sensory markers around the school which include auditory, tactile and visual prompts to support children's navigation and understanding of their location.

Woodlands has close links with both campus schools, Whitleigh primary school and Sir John Hunt College, as well as many other schools across the region to support inclusion opportunities and integration with mainstream peers. We share a range of facilities and access specialist faculties such as the sports hall and science labs to maximize our curriculum offer for young people.

The building is well lit, acoustically balanced and has specialist rooms including a physiotherapy room, Speech and Language room, and outreach department.

The school's learning facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, a theme and creative arts room, a dark sensory room, soft play space and a multi sensory environment room which are accessible to all. The colour scheme has been chosen to support children with VI and sensory integration needs.

All classrooms have overhead hoisting as well as mobile hoisting on site to ensure all areas of the school are accessible. Many classrooms have bathrooms accessible from the teaching space. There are large cupboards to accommodate equipment although some is also stored outside classrooms.

We have a wide range of outdoor activities and learning opportunities which are accessible and interesting for young people to explore. Our allotment area allows every child to be engaged in horticulture and growing their own food which is then followed up through curriculum experiences. Our sports and adventure playground also facilitates adventurous and energetic play to develop stamina, imagination and resilience.

We have a growing number of families whose first language is not English. Where required, interpreters enable parents/carers to fully participate in formal meetings such as Annual Reviews and other times as required.

Age range
  • Early years - 0 to 5 years
  • Primary - 5 to 11 years
  • Secondary - 11 to 18 years
  • Preparing for Adulthood
  • Needs level
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Provision type
  • Specialist
  • Targeted
  • Universal

  • Based: Plymouth
    Childcare Type:
    • School
    Age ranges:
    • Pre-school - 3 to 4 years
    • Primary school - 5 to 11 years
    • Secondary school - 11 to 16 years
    • Special needs school - 3 to 19 years
    Registered places: 85
    Wheelchair access information: Yes
    Special needs information: Yes

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