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Carers Strategic Partnership Board Terms of Reference - Plymouth's Young Carers

  • Lead organisational change and influence their organisations - leads may delegate their attendance to another in their organisation, nevertheless they will still be accountable for implementing decisions made by the board within their own organisation
  • Represent the views of carers and discuss these in ways which highlight success, areas for improvement and inform best practice.

Carer representatives  

Integrated Commissioning - Plymouth City Council, NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group

Adults and children commissioners, carers (PCC)

GP lead (CCG)

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Patient experience manager

Head of Nursing

Opportunity Knocks - Mental Health Carers Support Group  


Livewell Southwest: Health and Mental Health

Service User Experience Manager


Livewell Southwest: Adult social care

Advanced Practitioners

Director ASC


Department for Work and Pensions  


St Luke's Hospice  


Plymouth City Council, SEND  




GP Practice Manager  


Carers Emergency Response Service  


Time 4 U representative: Hamoaze House/Youth Services, PCC/ Barnardo's  


Drug and Alcohol Services representative  


Caring for Carers, Independent Lives Plymouth  


Careers South West  


Plymouth Advocacy  


Plymouth School Representatives  


Plymouth Parent Carer Voice  


Friends and Family  


Heads Count  




The Carers Strategic Partnership Board main purpose is to support the creation and oversee the implementation of the Plymouth Carers Action Plan, engaging with carers and carer organisations and other key stakeholders in the strategic planning and development of carer services across Plymouth with opportunities for joint working.

The group will seek the participation from carers in policy making, planning and delivery of services via the carer's representation at CSPB meetings and groups.

The focus will be on issues affecting all carers, both adult and young carers and include carers caring for disabled children, although this latter group will continue to have their own forum, Parent Carer Voice, and the responsibility for services lies with Children's Social Care and SEND.


  • To support the Carers Action Plan and to monitor the implementation of this and evaluate the success.
  • To identify with carers and organisations the gaps in services/unmet needs for carers.
  • Progress support and monitor work to implement the STP Commitment to Carers MOU
  • To influence and inform the commissioning of carers services and the future direction and development of services for carers in the city.
  • Take account of and contribute to the priorities and plans of the Health and Wellbeing Board, the STP, the NHS in Plymouth and Plymouth City Council, and the priorities and plans of other authorities and agencies as appropriate
  • To raise awareness and promote carers needs throughout all areas of wider service provision in the city.
  • To identify particular issues that carers may face due to their ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation and any other of the protected characteristic and ensure these are taken into account in service provision and development.


  • The Board will be required to report to the Health and Wellbeing Board on strategic issues and relevant performance, including whether delivery of actions from Action Plan are on track, on an annual basis
  • The partners that make up the Board will be responsible for reporting to their relevant organisations
  • Members of the Board will be expected to report to the Board on relevant work undertaken by their organisations.

Expectation of group members

Board members are expected to:

  • Be a conduit of information between the Board and their own agency / the area they have responsibility for
  • Take part / lead on agreed and appropriate sub-groups/ work streams delivering areas of the Action Plan
  • Ensure that any nominated replacement member is fully briefed for a meeting in order to be able to contribute fully


  • A timetable will be set out for each calendar year's meetings. Board will meet every two months and will vary this by agreement; meetings will last for three hours
  • Members will notify the Board in advance if they are not able to come to the meeting and provide a deputy as agreed (papers will be sent to deputies to support this).
  • An agenda and available papers for the meeting will be sent out 7 days in advance of the meeting as far as possible.
  • A list of actions agreed at the meeting will be sent to the Board members within 14 days of the meeting as far as possible.
  • Notes of the meeting will be sent to the Board members with the agenda for the next meeting.

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This page was last updated on 1 December 2022.

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