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The impact of caring on a young person's emotional and physical wellbeing - Young Carers

Caring can affect a young person in different ways.

Physical health

Young carers are often severely affected by caring through the night, repeatedly lifting a heavy adult, poor diet and lack of sleep.

Emotional wellbeing

Stress, tiredness and mental ill-health are common for young carers.


Young carers often feel different or isolated from their peers and have limited opportunities for socialising. A quarter of young carers in the UK said they were bullied at school because of their caring role (Carers Trust, 2013).

Stable environment

Young carers can experience traumatic life changes such as bereavement, family break-up, losing income and housing, or seeing the effects of an illness or addiction on the person they care for.


Irregular attendance, poor timekeeping, lack of concentration, difficulties with homework.

Restricted training/employment choices

Lack of time for personal development, poor flexibility in work practices.

Supporting the Health & Wellbeing of Young Carers

As a result, caring responsibilities have a significant impact on a pupil's learning

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