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What is a young carer and what might they do? - Plymouth Young Carers

What is a Young Carer?

'A young carer means a person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person'  and 'Providing practical or emotional support'
Children and Families Act section 96 2014

'A young carer becomes vulnerable when their caring role risks impacting upon their emotional or physical wellbeing or their prospects in education and life'
Care Act Statutory Guidance 6.48 2014

Every young carer's situation is different. Some young carers will only be caring for a short time whilst others will be a young carer for all of their childhood. The number of hours a young carer will vary but the caring role will always be ongoing. A young carer could be providing care for a family member or friend in the home or at a different address.

What activities might a young carer do?

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This page was last updated on 15 February 2022

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