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Make a complaint about a school

Make A School Complaint Panel

If you have a complaint about your child's school in Plymouth, the first step is to become familiar with the school's own complaints procedure. Each school in Plymouth is independently managed and governed, so they set their own process for handling complaints. Check the school's website or request a copy of their complaints policy to understand how to file a complaint and how it will be handled.

In most cases, minor complaints are resolved by speaking directly with your child's teacher or the headteacher. However, schools should also have a formal procedure with clear escalation steps if the issue cannot be resolved at this basic level. Many schools have a multi-stage process that involves filing a written complaint, review by a panel or governor, and potential escalation to the local education authority.

While Plymouth City Council does not have direct involvement in general school complaints, the final stage of a school's procedure may indicate you can appeal to the local authority if not satisfied with the resolution. In these cases, the Council can review whether the school followed its published complaints procedure appropriately. However, they do not reinvestigate the complaint itself or force the school to take certain actions if the school followed the proper steps. The Council can only provide guidance that the school can choose to accept or not.

For more information or advice please email or call 01752 307355.


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