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School transport for children with special needs or a medical condition

If your child has special educational or medical needs that means they can't walk to school, they won't automatically be entitled to free transport but we can individually assess their needs to see if they are eligible for free school transport.

Your child must attend the nearest school that meets their needs, this may be a special school/unit or a mainstream school allocated by us.  If your child's needs can be met at a mainstream school, transport will only be considered to the school nearest to your home address

If free transport is provided this will be re-assessed on a regular basis.

If you've decided to send your child to a school that isn't their nearest school, it is unlikely free transport will be provided and you will be responsible for making your own transport arrangements and the cost of this.

Frequently asked questions 

My child has an EHCP, does this mean they automatically qualify for home to school transport? 

No, it would be based upon whether they could walk the distance to school accompanied by an adult.

My child has a serious medical condition, who do I tell? 

Put as much information on the application as possible and the council can liaise with you as to the best options for your child and their needs.

I have been told my child requires a risk assessment - what does this mean? 

This is an individual assessment based on your child's specific needs given in the application.  This may be because of the medical information you have submitted or where your child needs extra support on transport.

My child travels using their wheelchair as a seat in the vehicle? 

Complete the application in full, giving all details of the wheelchair used.  One of the School Transport Team will be in touch regarding what happens next.



How to apply for free school transport

Complete the online form if you think your child is eligible for free school transport.

Apply for free school transport

Apply for a free school bus pass

If you have any questions please email or call 01752 308770.


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