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National Association of Child Contact Centres

NACCC is the only charity in the UK dedicated to solving this problem by providing safe spaces where children can meet the parents they don't live with. We oversee around 350 contact centres across the UK, run by a network of nearly 3,000 volunteers.

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Address:Second Floor Offices , Friary Chambers
26-34 Friar Lane
Telephone number: 0845 4500 280
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Child Contact Centres are neutral places where children of separated families can enjoy contact with non-resident parents and sometimes other family members, in a comfortable and safe environment.  Every year, this national organisation via its member centres, support families and children in their local community. 

They are operated by a variety of independent organisations that form the membership of NACCC.  NACCC is unique in the service it provides for local Contact Centres.

Many of our members, provide 'Supported Contact'  They are predominantly open on alternate Saturdays.  These centres are only suitable for families that are deemed to present minimal risk of violence or abuse.  In some cases, a higher level of supervision is needed because a child or parent is at risk of harm.  These are 'Supervised Contact Centres' and are used in these situations, but also can be used to reintroduce a child to a parent where there has been a substantial gap in contact. 

NACCC has an accreditation process which ensures members meet national standards.  An assessor visits every three years to ensure that the centres comply with DBS checks, health and safety legislation, that HR practices are carried out appropriate, their financial situation, their operating procedures are in accordance with the standards, and safeguarding procedures are in place.   The assessor then submits a report to NACCC.  If the centre does not comply with all areas, an action plan is issued which is time limited. 

NACCC also delivers high quality training and support to ensure members are well equipped and knowledgeable.  In addition, there is a helpline which centres, and parents can ring for advice and guidance, and a safeguarding helpline in the event of an issue arising at the centre.

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