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Transforming Plymouth Together

We address issues related to poverty and inequality which matter to the people of Plymouth through informal community work (incarnational mission, intentional community), as well as more formal community development initiatives (the delivery of projects and services).

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Address:St Marks Church
1 Sanctuary Close
Telephone number: 07710 096210
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Food Poverty

Food poverty is a day-to-day reality for more and more people in the UK. In Plymouth one in five parents say they have skipped meals so their children could eat. And the problems are often worse during the school holidays. 

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Financial Resilience

People experiencing financial distress, particularly those on low incomes, are often reluctant to talk about their problems or seek help. To add, the complexity of different financial products, the benefits and allowances systems, often makes the idea of finding a solution seem impossible 

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Modern Slavery

More than 200 years after the abolition of the slave trade there are still an estimated 45.3 million men, women and children trapped in Modern Slavery. 

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Community Cohesion

We want our communities to flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness. But, of course, every community is different, and the changes people are looking for will be different too. 

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Loneliness and Isolation

Everyone needs friendship and conversation. Yet we know that loneliness and social isolation are real issues for lots of people in the UK - of all ages. And the number of people who describe themselves as lonely is growing every year. 

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Based: Plymouth
  • Everyone, regardless of age

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