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The Kintsugi Project

The Kintsugi Project is about building a better community, that includes everyone.

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Address:170 Rendle Street
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Kintsugi Community Garden

Our gardening project with a difference is finally off the ground! Over the last 18 months, Mansel and his volunteers have grafted to bring the garden to life. It is Plymouth's first accessible allotment garden, complete with it's very own disabled composting loo.

The garden currently has a mix of flowers, vegetables, and grasses, with space for more to grow too! We are proud that excess vegetable growth is donated to support one of our other projects, Stonehouse Community Fridge, in partnership with Leadworks.

The benefits of therapeutic gardening are well known, and with this in mind, we offer regular relaxed gardening sessions with a chance to meet other people and simply enjoy being outdoors and working with the land.

Kintsugi Community Garden Promotional Poster

Kintsugi Creations Workshop

Get your creative juices flowing and book into a Kintsugi Creations sessions. We work with a number of local artists who can support you in creating using various mediums, including painting, drawing, printing, collage, and more.

Our workshops are open to all—a safe space you can come to and connect with others to create art that speaks.

Kintsugi Community

Let's hang out...

Loneliness is commonplace in our society, even more so for those of us with disabilities and mental health difficulties. We want to change that. We've worked with Leadworks to create a community space to hang out, jam, chat, share food and drink, and just be together.

Alongside this, we have an online community to help us stay connected when we are apart. Join our Facebook group.

Kintsugi Fridge

Our Community Fridge can be accessed by anyone and everyone who wants to donate, make use of, or share food. 

Volunteer your time

Help us grow! We are in the early stages of getting our project off the ground and need all the volunteers we can get!

There's so much to do as we get started: creating our space, getting the ground ready to grow, and starting to offer creative arts workshops.

Can you help us with:

  • Digging? Planting?
  • Building, carpentry, painting?
  • Running creative arts workshops?
  • Upcycling? Sewing?
  • Hosting a hangout?

Get in touch with any questions about how you can volunteer with us.



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People with disabilities and mental health problems are some of the most marginalised, excluded and isolated groups in society. Whilst we know that radical change needs to happen on an economic and political level to counter the social determinants of mental health, disability and distress, we know that more equal, connected communities contribute to better mental health and well-being and also has economic gains. 

The Kintsugi Project is about building a better community, that includes everyone.​

When we talk to people who feel excluded, they tell us that they want a life, not a service. That means not just having "special groups", only for people with difficulties, where you do an activity, 'just for the sake of it'. It means coming together to do something meaningful, that contributes in some way and brings purpose.​

Because ultimately, we all want the same things in life;

  • To be included 

  • To have somewhere to go, where we are accepted for who we are 

  • To have meaningful things to do which are more than just 'killing time' or 'keeping us busy'

  • To meet people from all walks of life who don't judge us and recognise our strengths and values

Come join us as we create a community that works for everybody!


Based: Plymouth
  • Everyone, over 18 years old

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