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Hell Yeah Healthy Personal Training

Award Winning Online and Mobile Personal Training For Body and Mind. Unlimited support, daily motivation, unique programs. Mindset, nutrition, exercise. 

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Address:74 Powisland Drive
Telephone number: 07814197854

I support women of all ages to take action and rediscover their love for fitness, nutrition and themselves using simple programs that actually work.

With relentless encouragement, support and care, together we not only transform the physical, but the mental as well.

The result?

​You feel fantastic both inside & out, and empowered to keep it up for the long run.

Hell Yeah to that!

"Best thing I have ever done for myself! She's been the motivation I needed to push myself to get the results I want and I have been amazed at myself and what I can achieve given the right guidance! ​ I'm over the moon with my progress and really proud. It's shown me you get out what you put in. I really want to keep this up for a healthier future." - Debbie


  • Training in your house or garden. Check-ins throughout the week. So you know you're not alone.


  • Encouraging daily texts. High energy training sessions. So you're enthused to keep going.


  • Clear & effective plans to follow. Member's Area exercise videos. Meaning no more guess work.


  • Unlimited email support. Pre-planning for possible triggers. ​Confidentiality & genuine care. 100% Judgement-Free Zone. So you're empowered to succeed.


  • A program as unique as you are. Time saving food & fitness hacks. So you're in it for the long run.


  • Fun and varied sessions. Honest feedback and praise. ​Mindset tips and tricks. Because how you feel is more important than how you look.

"Training with Polly has changed my life. At the start of my 12 week course I couldn't run for three minutes, I'm now on my 8th week and can run over three miles. My strength has improved, my body has toned and I don't just look better, I feel happier and healthier. Thank you Polly!"- Alice

Tired of starting again 'tomorrow'?

So confused about conflicting advice online that you end up doing nothing?

Know your goals but don't know how the hell you'll get there?

I've got you covered.

No more fads, no more guesswork, no more wasted time.

Just real food and simple moves to fit around YOU and your lifestyle. Long term.

So you can wave goodbye to this diet/binge roller coaster for good. Finally!

"I've never felt this fit and content in my own skin in my life! I really get a buzz from seeing my progress week on week and I like how I feel when I've completed a workout- my energy levels improve and I have such a sense of accomplishment.
I'm really happy with my progress, its made a huge difference to my life"
- L

"I'm EXTREMELY happy. I would not have achieved what I have without Polly's enthusiasm, guidance and support. Polly makes fitness fun! Having it all planned out removed my excuses for not exercising, (no time, don't know where to start, or what to do.) Also, Polly's energy and positivity is incredibly motivating. Varied routines and gradual progression, and obviously the results!! Shocked, delighted, amazed, and thrilled! Definitely will keep going, I used to be out of breath going up a flight of stairs- Now I run up them!"- Sarah G.

Price: Please contact us for information about our costs
Based: Plymouth
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+
  • Carers
  • Anxiety
  • Mental health
  • Stress

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