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Updated 22 April 2020

This list offers simple leisure activities ideas, which involve minimal setting up and do not cost much. Hopefully they will inspire you to think up other ideas - have fun!

COVID-19 - Arts and crafts activities COVID-19 - Bird watching and feeding activities
COVID-19 - Computer activities

COVID-19 - Decorating activities

COVID-19 - Drama activities

COVID-19 Betty Boo themed biscuit recipe

COVID-19 - Gardening activities

COVID-19 - Mental wellbeing activities

COVID-19 - Music activities

COVID-19 - Photography activities

COVID-19 - Sport activities



More activity ideas

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Arts and crafts activities | Bird watching and feeding activities | Decorating activities | Drama activities | Food and drink activities | Gardening activities | Mental health and wellbeing activities | Music activities | Photography activities | Sports activities 


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