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Updated 11 May 2020

Plymouth City Council, NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and Millbrook Healthcare are urgently appealing for members of the public to return Millbrook Healthcare community equipment they no longer need, including commodes, shower stools, and raised toilet seats, as increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic for these items has meant stocks are in danger of becoming short in supply.

Equipment like this is often given to people when they leave hospital, or after a period of illness, to help them stay safe and regain their independence. However the outbreak of the virus has meant that NHS and social care teams have needed to quickly support a much higher volume of patients with items of equipment, placing an increased demand on the local equipment service.

Also, with COVID-19 putting staffing pressures on manufacturers; supply and distribution chains are also feeling the strain.

So the usual supplies, in normal times adequate, right now are low. Some items, such as commodes, are in especially high demand. Therefore our priority is to collect community beds, mattresses, commodes, bath lifts, shower chairs, toilet surrounds, and patient turning equipment, hoists and slings.

Plymouth City Council and NHS Devon CCG are therefore asking that anyone in the Plymouth area who has items of Millbrook Healthcare equipment they are no longer using to contact them so that a collection can be arranged free of charge. If you do have equipment that has been issued by Derriford and you are not in the Plymouth area you can still use this service. Once a collection is arranged, people will be asked to, where possible, leave the item outside or in a safe place for collection by Millbrook.

Items that can be re-used will be fully tested, refurbished if required, and thoroughly cleaned before being reused.

Please visit or call Millbrook Healthcare on 0800 988 7344 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to arrange a contactless collection, free of charge.

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