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Includes Easter Holidays

Updated 2 April 2020

NamePost CodeIs this setting school term time only? Y/NOpen/Closed as of 01/04/20Does setting have any spaces? Y/N
Achievers Day Nursery LtdPL3 6DGNOpenY
Alexandra HousePL6 5BXNClosedN
All Aboard Pre-SchoolPL9 9RGYClosedN
Bambino's Childcare Centre (Houndiscombe Road)PL4 6EUNOpenY
Bambinos Day NurseryPL9 9AYNClosedN
Bob Tails PL4 7HWNClosedN
Bright Sparks Children's Centre LTD PL3 6HANClosedN
Bright Stars Yealmpstone farmPL7 1XQNOpenY
Buddies BungalowPL7 2DENClosedN
Busy Bees Day Nursery at PlymouthPL6 5WSNOpenY
Chaddlewood Pre-school and Woodies OSCPL7 2EUYClosedN
Characters Day NurseryPL3 4HENClosedN
Compton Pre-schoolPL3 5JBYClosedN
Curious Kittens Day Nursery (Kings Road)PL1 5QGNOpenN
Eddy's Childcare (Little Farmers)PL6 5XQYClosedN
Fletewood School at Derry VillasPL4 6ANYClosedN
Flying Start@MarjonsPL6 8BHNOpen N
Four Woods Nursery (KCP Keystone CIC) PL5 2LNNClosedN
Freshlings NurseryPL4 8AANOpenY
Frogmore Montessori NurseryPL6 5RTNOpenN
Get Up and Go Community NurseryPL2 3BYNClosedN
GreenshootsPL3 6BPYClosedN
Ham Drive Nursery School and Day CarePL2 2NJNClosedN
Happy Days Nursery DerrifordPL6 5QZNOpenY
Honeyshute Day Nursery and Pre SchoolPL6 5RNNClosedN
Jack & Jill's - GoosewellPL9 9HDYClosedN
Jack & Jill's Childcare CrownhillPL6 5BXYClosedN
Jack & Jill's Childcare EggbucklandPL6 5LGYClosedN
Jack & Jill's Childcare PlymptonPL7 2ETNClosedN
Jack & Jill's Childcare RadfordPL9 9JLYClosedN
Jack & Jill's Childcare WidewellPL6 7ENYClosedN
Kenleys Nursery SchoolPL9 7AZNClosedN
Kiddiewinks Pre-schoolPL4 8SXYClosedN
King's School NurseryPL3 5LWNOpenN
LARK Children's Centre DaycarePL2 2LLNOpenY
Little Acorns Pre-schoolPL6 6QSYClosedN
Little Berries Day Care NurseryPL6 8ULNClosedN
Little Blossoms Day NurseryPL6 6JWNClosedN
Little Deers Pre-schoolPL9 8TEYOpenN
Little Nippers Childcare LtdPL7 2AQNOpenN
Little Orchard Monterssori ChaddlewoodPL7 2WUNClosedN
Little Owls Pre-School, Plymouth CIOPL3 5ASYClosedN
Little RainbowsPL2 1RJNClosedN
Little Squirrels - Community NurseryPL1 4BNNClosedN
Little Stars Nursery - StonehousePL1 1TLNClosedN
Mama Bear's Day Nursery (1) at PennycrossPL2 3RWNOpenY
Mama Bear's Day Nursery (2) at Crownhill Fort RoadPL6 5BXNClosedN
Margaret McMillan Nursery SchoolPL1 2JANClosedN
Marine Academy Nursery (0-3)PL5 2AFNClosedN
Newlife Nursery and preschoolPL7 2AUNClosedN
Nomony Nursery (KCP Keystone CIC)PL4 0PANClosedN
Nuffield Health Creche DevonshirePL6 8BDNClosedN
Pathways Day NurseryPL3 4QENClosedN
Pelican Children's CentrePL2 1QSYClosedN
Peter Pan Playgroup - KeyhamPL2 2DLYClosedN
Pixieland MannameadPL3 5QLNClosedN
Pixieland StokePL3 4DUNOpenY
Playbox Pre-schoolPL2 3PZYClosedN
Playdays Pre-school Plymstock Comm Centre PL9 9GHYClosedN
Plym Bridge NurseryPL6 8UNYOpen 
Plymouth College Preparatory School KindergartenPL1 3JLYOpenN
Plympton Montessori Nursery & Kids ClubPL7 1XQClosedN
Plympton St Maurice Childcare Centre CIOPL7 1UBNOpenY
Ridgeway Methodist Preschool/Care CentrePL7 2PSYClosedN
Rock a Tots Day Nursery LtdPL5 3DENClosedN
Roger's Burrow Day NurseryPL2 2BGNOpenY
Roundabout NurseryPL4 9HPNClosedN
Seedlings Preschool LtdPL9 8TQYClosedN
St Judes Church Pre-SchoolPL4 9BJYClosed N
St Pauls PlaygroupPL5 1NEYClosedN
Stoke Damerel Pre-schoolPL1 5QLYClosed N
Sunbeams Day NurseryPL3 4NDNOpenY
The Cabin at Barn Park NurseryPL5 1EJNClosedN
The Cabin At Tamar ViewPL5 1DJYOpenY
The Cabin Childcare Centre at the YMCAPL5 3NGNClosedN
Toad Hall Pre-SchoolPL3 4JNYClosedN
Tops BretonsidePL4 0EANClosedN
Tops DevonportPL1 4DWNOpenY
Tops EffordPL3 6JDNClosedN
Tops Prince RockPL4 9LDNClosedN
Tops StonehousePL1 5EHNClosedN
Trevi House CrechePL4 6DRNOpenonly for residents
Widey Court Pre-SchoolPL6 5UBYOpenN
Willow Childcare CentrePL7 4RRNOpenY
Woodford Community Pre-schoolPL7 4RRYClosedN

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