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Support for early years (COVID-19)

This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Government website for the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and guidance.


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Updated 22 June 2021

Consider reinforcing all instructions for children with visual supports.  Adapting Hodgson 2005 'Cool Carpet Time' approach for the whole class could also be useful. 

For behaviours you find concerning spend time observing in order to identify the triggers for the behaviours.  The use of ABCC charts (Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence, Communication) might help.  The final C is to consider what is the child communicating with the behaviour.  I have attached more information about this and the Leuven Scales which could also be useful. 

If you have a child who bites and you are worried about Coronavirus consider looking through the lens of sensory experience and also consider chewellery or similar please visit the Sensory Integration website.

Another approach which could be useful is to consider writing some social stories around social distancing, hand washing, etc.  There are lots of resources online and I would recommend the National Autistic Society NAS.  

If you have a child who has a tendency to run off consider marking the floor just inside the door with a clear red boundary line and a stop sign.  You may also want to look at your runners under a sensory lens and it may be they need to run for 'vestibular' reasons.  If so consider giving them a choice 'you can run'  with the option of running to A or B and support the options with pictures or other visual clues.  A social story approach could be useful here as well.

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