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COVID-19 Infection Control Fund Report - Round 2 - FAQs

Updated 8 December 2020

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I understand the ICF Round 2 grant cannot be used to purchase PPE supplies and these should be obtained from the Government Portal.  However due to the limits via the portal are Providers allowed to use the ICF monies to purchase additional/specialist PPE supplies needed? 

 No, any specialist or additional PPE supply requests should be sent to

Are we able to use ICF Round 2 grant to purchase PPE?

No, Providers can claim for free PPE via the government portal. Providers will need to register for their free PPE supply.  

This offer is currently in place until 31 March 2021.

What is the start date providers can claim from?

This funding cannot be used retrospectively to compensate for expenditure incurred before 1 October 2020.

Please refer to the section 'Retrospective Costs' on page 8 of the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund - Round 2.

We anticipate only using the fund to pay for agency cover should any member of staff have to isolate in line with government guidelines or test positive for COVID-19.  How should we complete the online forms in this case?

A full list of the grant conditions and ways in which the fund could be used are shown on the GOV.UK website.

As per example in the guidance - uplift the pay of staff who are self-isolating in line with government guidance to their normal wages to ensure they do not lose income while doing so.  This would uplift the pay of those who need to isolate and who would normally receive less than their full wages (whether Statutory Sick Pay or a preferential but partial payment) while unwell or isolating

The requirements of reporting are shown on the GOV.UK website.

Please complete the online reporting form to demonstrate how much of the fund allocated to you has been spent so far and then how much you estimate to spend before the 31 March 2021.  We understand the latter is an estimate and this may change in following months reporting.

Are providers able to pay staff for an hour of their time whilst travelling to and from work to have a routine COVID-19 test or do we have to breakdown mileage and expenses?

Please refer to the grant conditions.

However the guidance does state:

Ensuring that staff who need to attend work for the purposes of being tested (or potentially in the future, vaccinated) for COVID-19 are paid their usual wages to do so, and any costs associated with reaching a testing facility.  Example = Payments to staff at their normal hourly rate to attend work or a suitable testing facility when they are not on shift.  This includes compensation for travel time to reach a testing facility if required.  Costs associated with testing, including the costs of fuel or transport to reach a testing facility.

The Local authority recommends Providers to separately record these expense into time, travel costs etc.

Are we able to use the funds to pay Taxi companies to reduce staff using public transport to travel to work? 


Can providers use the funding to pay for the manager and assistant manager time to complete testing?

Yes, if this time is in addition to their normal working shift and is paid at their normal hourly rate to attend work or a suitable testing facility. 

With regards to State Aid we had previously thought we were not eligible for the ICF Grant however we have now been informed that there is no limit as the grant comes within 'public service compensation for the provision of SGEI meeting social needs as regards health and long-term care' (Article 2(1)(c) Commission Decision 2012/21/EU).  Which means the EU state aid limit is not relevant any more which was the reason we stated we were not eligible? If this is correct are we able to claim the grant now?

The provider must take their own legal advice as to whether the aid (grant) provided is lawful (compatible) aid.

When completing the monthly reporting form, we have entered the amount spent up until the 31 October 2020, however, on the second part of each question ( how much do we plan to spend up until March 2021) does this figure entered need to include October's spend?


Where to do we claim for the actual PPE that we are providing for staff and service users? 

Providers can claim for free PPE via the government portal.

Providers will need to register for their free PPE supply.  This offer is currently in place until 31 March 2021. 

The second round of ICF monies does not cover reimbursement of PPE expenses.


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