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Updated 18 May 2020

Neighbourhood Care Networks are for any paid worker, formal volunteer and community leader within a neighbourhood. They are spaces that enable a greater level of support for an individual from - and between - friends, family, members of the community and, potentially, paid services. They create bridges, interaction and the sharing of information between formal paid services; community experts and volunteers.

Who and how the Neighbourhood Care Networks can help

  • Individuals
    If you need help you call the help phone number. You will receive a phone call from the network leader introducing themselves and asking what it is you need. They will then co-ordinate efforts from within the network to provide you with the necessary support.
  • Care-provider, paid worker:
    If you are working in an area of the city with a NCN and you cannot provide your client/patient with the support they require you can contact the network to seek additional and appropriate care. You can reach professional workers through the network, for example, service providers, as well as volunteers who have been recommended to the network.
  • Concerned neighbours, families and friends 
    If you know of someone that is isolated and/or vulnerable and are not sure how to help or are unable to provide all the care they need then you can contact the help phone number, raise your concerns & access support through the network. You will be able to speak to someone who will reassure you and put you in contact with community leaders who can reach volunteers and paid services.

Community Response Networks already working across Plymouth

  • Whitleigh Big Local Help line: 01752 875916
  • Nudge Community Builders, Stonehouse Help line: 07723 494413
  • STARS (Stoke Traders & Residents Association) Help line: 07380 319128
  • The Hoe Neighbourhood Forum Help line: 077235 77305

For more information about this scheme please view the POP+ website.

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