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Safeguarding (COVID-19)

This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Government website for the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and guidance.


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Updated 22 June 2021

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Tricky Friends

'Tricky Friends' is a short animation to help people to understand what good friendships are, when they might be harmful, and what they can do.

It is important that people with learning disabilities and autism, those who have cognitive difficulties, and also children and young adults, have positive opportunities to make and maintain friendships. This is designed to help them to do this, to reduce the risk of harm and exploitation in groups who may be less able to recognise the intentions of others, and to raise awareness of issues like exploitation, County Lines and cuckooing.

The animation is only 3 minutes long and can be used with or by anyone - carers, family, organisations, groups.

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