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SEND Advisory Support Team (COVID-19)

This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Government website for the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and guidance.


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Updated 22 June 2021

The Advisory Support Team includes the Communication and Interaction Team and Plymouth Advisory Team Sensory Support

As we all appreciate, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is affecting all aspects of school life for students, parents, staff and wider professionals.

I want to reassure you of the Advisory Teams commitment to supporting children, families and schools & settings in the new school year. 

We will continue with development planning into the new academic year including:

  • Virtual planning for an Autumn term - pending schools CV19 status, regulations and guidance
  • Whilst we have continued to offer training and teaching sessions virtually where possible we are exploring developing ways to offer audio/video options for remote guidance/advice access to specialist support as physical attendance and facilitation is likely to remain a potential concern into the new academic year. We will share this with you when we have more detail. Virtual engagement may be the preferred option for many in the new 'normal'.
  • All C&I referrals received this term and beyond continue to be processed through the Gateway. Where specialist support is identified, a team member has/will be in contact to arrange a contact (pending school RA's and students attendance) and discuss a way forward.
  • The team/s continues to be available to schools and families to support virtually (EHAT,EHCP,TAM).

Thank you for your understanding during this phase, and a massive well done for continuing to provide a safe, engaging and enjoyable experience to your students during these very different and difficult times. The enormous efforts and achievements by education during this period have been acknowledged widely across all agencies.

Our team of C& I and HI/VI advisory staff remain fully available for contact during this period, so please do not hesitate to contact them should you need guidance/advice to best support your students and families.

Our CV19 C&I and HI/VI webpage also contains many weekly themes that may be of benefit to your setting staff and parents/carers during these very different times, whilst many CYP remain at home.

If I can provide any further guidance/advice at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact SEND Services.

Nicky Howourth

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