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SEND Professionals (COVID-19)

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Updated 22 June 2021

Hopefully you will remember an article from the Schools Bulletin (19th November) which outlined the plan for the ongoing monitoring of vulnerable children.

Over the last nine months efficient partnership working has enabled to us to monitor and risk assess the needs of vulnerable children together. The mechanism of updating and sharing key risk assessment information, and regular discussions between schools/settings, key staff from the LA and families has provided us all with a holistic and dynamic understanding of the position for individual children so that we can plan together if additional support is required. Thank you for your commitment and hard work in supporting this. The information you have provided has enabled us to have a clearer picture of need across the city.

Now that we are in the second wave of the pandemic it is important that we plan together to ensure we are able to continue this monitoring in a coordinated way. Whenever possible we want to make sure that any information we are asking you to provide is streamlined and avoids duplication. We also want to ensure that we are clear of the purpose for gathering the information. We know that the data is helpful but more importantly we want to identify current and emerging needs for individuals and also for school settings as a whole.

Therefore, using a similar process as in April we have sent a spread sheet to SENCo's at each school/setting/post 16 provider. For each school, the CYP with EHCPs have been pre populated and each SENCo has been asked to complete and update the spreadsheet on a monthly basis. The spreadsheet will have key questions (with drop downs) related to attendance and attainment.  

The data itself is really useful, but more importantly, relevant teams from Education, Participation and Skills (EPS) will have access to the spreadsheets and will be able to use the information you are providing to support discussions they will be having with you over the coming months. This will enable us to plan together the support required for our most vulnerable children.

We have asked for the spreadsheet to be completed on a monthly basis and the first response was due on the 12th December. Thank you so much to all of your SENCo's who have completed and returned the spreadsheet to us. I recognise how busy you all and the return rate has been really encouraging. There are however some outstanding spreadsheets that have not yet been returned. We have sent a reminder to SENCo's today asking if at all possible the first return can be sent to before the end of term.

The second return will be due on 15th January 2021 and hopefully this will be less onerous as you will be able to cut and paste the information from the November tab and put it into January (due to Christmas we will leave the December tab blank) You then only need to update the information where there have been changes.

If you want more information on how to complete the spreadsheet, you can listen/watch the two SENCo briefings where the process was explained and questions answered.

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