FAQs - Full opening guidance for schools

Updated 7 November 2020

Schools have been informed of a return to normal statutory assessment arrangements in 2021 by the Standards & Testing Agency (STA) and, as in previous years, headteachers will receive an outline of the annual monitoring, moderation and training package (free to maintained schools/charged at a fixed rate for academies) during week beginning 21 September 2020. The local authority will continue to provide a high quality support package for all primary school statutory assessments at the same rate as in the previous year. However, in line with new government restrictions, all statutory assessment training will be provided online and at a reduced rate.

At the start of the year, STA advised schools that Y2 teachers will administer the phonics check to incoming Y2 children during the second half of the autumn term. The local authority has provided several online training sessions for Y2 teachers, and these have been well attended. The deadline for schools to report phonic check data to the local authority is 18 December 2020 and we will be sending further guidance directly to schools, during week beginning 2 November 2020, setting out clearly how to upload data. Any schools requiring specific support uploading data should email susan.london@plymouth.gov.uk

This page will be updated regularly throughout the academic year in line with the assessment cycle. For any queries or concerns related to statutory assessments in Key Stages 1 and 2 schools should email Lucinda.ross@plymouth.gov.uk

If you have any questions or feedback about these pages please email childrensservicesresponse@plymouth.gov.uk

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