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The COVID Ten Steps Challenge for Living Longer Better

Below you will find our first set of resources - The COVID Ten Steps Challenge for Living Longer Better.

This is geared towards older people and offers ten steps each contained in a  3-4 minute video, to getting more active, becoming happier, and getting more socially connected. The videos have been recorded by Dr Muir Gray, a Consultant in Public Health and aged 76, so has real life experience of issues facing older people:

1.  Sod Covid! Accept it is happening and take action to improve your fitness and wellbeing in the next six months 

2.  Improve your strength skill and suppleness with your "daily dozen"

3.  Improve your stamina with 30 mins brisk walking daily 

4.  Get birthday and Christmas pressies that will help you live longer and better not slippers and chocs!

5.  Keep going with the "second 30" - get back to your waist size at 30 and keep your blood flowing

6.  Protect  your brain through better sleep, less stress, and watch the drugs

7.  Rewire your brain and improve your brain ability by learning, books, games, and courses and dancing

8.  If you are not online, get online, if you are online help at least two others to get online

9.  Increase social engagement with other people online as well as face to face -the rule of hundreds

10. Get a mission, for example, raise money for the future, for young people and the environment

This playlist contains 10 individual videos. Watch them individually on You Tube.

Icon for word Download the Health Improvement Plan that Muir refers to in the videos [16.1KB]

Please remember that if you are not sure of your ability to do some of these activities, consult your GP.

If this is not relevant to you, send it or show it to someone who you care about or forward it to friends so that they can do the same. Older people have given so much to our society -  we can show our gratitude by demonstrating how to be  healthier and happier for longer!

We hope this and other resources help to offer you a better 2nd lockdown and a happier, healthier, more independent life. 

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