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Dignity Forum for Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care Forum Panel

Dignity Forum for Domiciliary Care information, advice and resources specifically for domiciliary care providers in Plymouth.



Slide packs and presentations 

 5 September 2023

 17 July 2023

23 May 2023

22 February 2023

Notes and Links Discussed in the Forum 22 February 2023;

Plymouth Community Assist (PCA)

If you would like further information or would like to chat through a prospective referral please contact either

Retention Workshop

Friday 24 February 2023, 0930 - 12:30 at Meeting Room 4, Plymouth Science Park, PL6 8B

Please find attached agenda, any questions, queries and to register your attendance please speak to Jack Davies or Dave Mcauley or email

System-wide Health and Care Recruitment Fair

Tuesday 18 April 2023, 0900-1700 at Plymouth Guildhall. 

Please find attached the booking form to be returned to to registered your interest. 

Any questions or queries please speak to Jack Davies or Dave Mcauley or email

Higher Development Award

Any questions or queries please contact

The fully funded Higher Development Award aims to provide employees from care settings, with the opportunity to develop the core knowledge, skills, behaviours and values required to progress and practice safely within the health and social care sector.

The award is six full days face to face fortnightly starting in March 2023. Followed by a workplace improvement project and level one functional skills.

To register your interest, complete this online form

We'll then be in touch to arrange a quick call to answer any questions. You'll then be invited the group enrolment day to start the award in March 2023.



Purpose of the Forum

  • Providing a platform that encourages collaborative Partnership working across both Commissioning Teams, commissioned Domiciliary Providers and Livewell Colleagues 
  • To a focus on operational issues around training, coupled with providing advice and guidance with improving quality of all services; 
  • Building positive relationships with Domiciliary Care Providers with health and adult social care;
  • To have an opportunity for Domiciliary Care Providers to network and share best practice. 
  • To provide an opportunity for joint problem-solving / troubleshooting where a provider has issues or challenges. 
  • Actively sharing information that supports learning, promotes positive working relationships and encourages 


  • Plymouth City Councils Strategic Commissioning Team for Domiciliary Care  
  • Providers, Managers and Representatives from contracted domiciliary care providers in Plymouth 
  • Livewell Representative 


  • To deliver better and higher care standards in Domiciliary Care across Plymouth; 
  • To improve quality of Domiciliary Care Services as judged compliant by the Care Quality Commission; 
  • To improve Dignity standards in Domiciliary Care Services; 
  • To develop a transparent complaints process that will help to identify Local and National trends and help to improve practice. 

Format of the Forum and Code of Conduct: 

  • The forum consists of Adult Social Care and Health, Commissioning and Domiciliary Care Providers from Plymouth; 
  • As and when required health professionals, voluntary and other Specialist services may also attend; 
  • All Attendees to be respectful, listen to others and do not talk over each other; 
  • Allow others to have equal opportunity and time to share their opinions. 
  • Meetings to be held on an in-person basis, however this may be reviewed in line with national safety guidance (for example Covid outbreak) 


  • Forum to be developed and facilitated by Plymouth City Council's Integrated Commissioning Team. 
  • To deliver quarterly ½ day events providers, managers and representatives from domiciliary care providers within the Plymouth local authority footprint to attend and network and share best practice. 
  • Agenda to be sent one week prior to the Forum to enable preparation for the upcoming topics. 
  • Providers to submit any requests for agenda items to be incorporated into the forward plan to Commissioners (including priority for this topic); 
  • Presentations and information from the Forum will be shared on the Private Domiciliary Care Provider Page within the Plymouth Online Directory (POD) 
  • Requests for information from Commissioners to be responded to in a timely manner. 


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