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Provider Introductory Information

Domiciliary Care Provider Introductory Information Panel

Domiciliary Care Team Contact Details

Jo Green
Strategic Commissioning Manager
T +441752398352


Hannah Shaw
Commissioning Officer
T +441752307385

Helen Musgrave
Commissioning Officer
T +441752398075

Alan Hockings
Commissioning Assistant
T+441752 304958

Jodie Myles
Commissioning Assistant
T +441752307658

Contract Management

Your PCC Contract Manager will set up regular Contract Review Meetings with you. Support to embed the contract will be frequent and should give you a greater underpinning knowledge of processes and procedures.

Individual Contract Manager

You will be given contact details for your named Contract Manager.  This will be you point of contact for anything contract related including provider contract monitoring.  

Example of a contract montoring agenda (PDF) [149KB]


The integrated Brokerage Team will communicate with you on a daily basis to understand your capacity, staffing position and any issues for escalation.  The team will work with you to source packages of care for our Plymouth residents, create solutions and have access to Fibonacci map software to assist with constructing runs.

  • It is our expectation that Providers will keep Brokerage up to date around current and expected capacity and other pressures surrounding your workforce and business to assist them in managing the list of unsourced care.
  • Please ensure that the Brokers are informed as soon as someone in receipt of care is admitted to hospital. This helps to make sure that they can be discharged under the correct pathway.   

Plymouth City Council (PCC) Brokerage Team email address:

Livewell Brokerage Team email address: 

Operation Shackleton

It is a contractual requirement of Providers working with PCC, to have their own Business Continuity Plans in place and these should be made available to Commissioners. In order to build on these plans, it is expected that Providers should support each other across the City when required to do so, to sustain care and support in extreme conditions.

When capacity issues exist for whatever reason, the Provider will be expected to implement its Business Continuity Plan, and this should be exhausted before triggering Operation Shackleton.

When a Provider is faced with an AMBER situation, (i.e., 15% loss of Carers) they should contact the Local Authority to provide details of the warning and to agree when and how Operation Shackleton might be triggered.

If a RED situation is developing, (i.e. 30% loss of Carers) the same procedure is required.

The Operation Shackleton Manual lays out the process to be followed and can be found below:

Operation Shackleton Manual November 2021 (PDF) [321KB]

Complex Case MDT

The aim of the Multi- Disciplinary Team (MDT) process is to support providers, workers and the people at the centre who are in receipt of/or waiting for domiciliary care.

When you have a package of care that you are no longer able to maintain, due to breakdown of relationships, changing needs of the service user etc. You are required to make a referral to the next scheduled Complex Case MDT. 

The online Referral Form is available on the POD Provider page here: Complex MDT - Plymouth Online Directory

There is a dedicated email address: 

Once received by Commissioners an invite will be sent for a 20-minute slot on the next MDT. These invites to be sent only if required to discuss a client.

The MDT will be carried out with relevant supporting disciplinary teams and will result in an action plan. If considered appropriate the action plan may include agreement that the Provider hand back the POC with 28 days' notice.

The dates of upcoming Complex MDT meetings are available on the POD Provider page: Complex MDT - Plymouth

Capacity Tracker

Capacity Tracker is a web-based digital insight tool built by North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) in partnership with NHS England and later other core health and social care organisations.

It enables domiciliary care providers to share critical information easily and quickly in real time. It is important to update the information on a regular basis within the tracker to:

  • Influence local, regional, and national teams with planning and policy decisions
  • Flag any issues within the provider setting so that these can be reviewed quickly
  • Support effective patient flow and patient safety across the system

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) have now mandated monthly completion of some data fields. The minimum data entry requirement for the mandated fields is currently once between the 8th & 14th of each month. To assist with our planning and provider support we would ask that you update as close to daily as possible. It is important that vaccination data is kept up to date to facilitate effective roll out of vaccination programmes.

The Capacity Tracker can be accessed via

All CQC registered domiciliary care providers must register an account by clicking on the 'create an account' link on this page. Once registered providers can access guidance on completing the tracker on the capacity tracker site via Help> Resource Centre. If you require assistance or encounter issues with registration or completion of data, please call the Contact Centre on 0191 691 3729

COVID-19 Support

Free PPE

PPE can still be ordered until 31st March 2024 or until government stocks are depleted, whichever is sooner. To register for the scheme or to request help in ordering via the Portal contact Customer Services on 0800 876 6802

Infection Control Guidance

  • The National Infection Prevention & Control Manual for England outlines 10 standard precautions to be used by all staff, in all care settings, at all times and for all patients and can be found here
  • The latest DHSC Covid-19 IPC guidance can be found here
  • Please ensure that you report all new infectious diseases to Plymouth City Council
  • More information on the Covid response in Plymouth is available as a Provider POD page: COVID-19 support - Plymouth Online Directory  

Domiciliary Care Dignity in Care Forum

The Council hosts a Provider Forum which is currently held face to face. The Forum allows the Commissioning Team to:

  • Bring updates and useful information
  • Invite professionals to inform and or deliver training
  • Give opportunity to discuss issues and potential developments in the sector

Invites to the Forums are sent from the Commissioning Team, and future dates, along with the forum Terms of Reference, are published on the POD Provider page: Dignity Forum for Domiciliary Care - Plymouth Online Directory

Topic's for discussions at the meetings are welcomed beforehand to be able to deliver information that is important to you

Recruitment Support

The following contacts are working with PCC to provide recruitment support to domiciliary care providers in Plymouth:

Skills Launchpad Plymouth, Health & Care Coordinators:

Jack Davies, Email:  o​​​​r email:

Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) Plymouth:

Claire Schofield, Care Specialist Employer Advisor, Partnerships. Email: CLAIRE.SCHOFIELD1@DWP.GOV.UK

Up to date information on recruitment & training is available here: Training and development - Plymouth Online Directory

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