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Rehab Guide Alcohol Rehab Plymouth

Do you live in the port city of Plymouth and struggling with alcohol addiction? If you require treatment and have decided to enter alcohol rehab, then Rehab Guide can be of assistance.

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Address:First Floor
10 Moor Street
Telephone number: 02072052845
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The clinic in the heart of Plymouth is distinctive in that it is not based in a single residential facility, but part of a complex.  You can receive the most up to date care concentrating on individual treatments or group sessions. Located in the most idyllic surroundings, you will be cared for in isolation and privacy.  The residential centre in Plymouth can provide you with the perfect environment to fight your alcohol addiction. You will be under the care and attention of the highly skilled doctors, nurses or psychiatric specialists staff in Plymouth. Many of whom have undergone detox. They know exactly what you are going through. You can be assured they will supervise every facet of your detox as you begin your stay at the residential centre in your area.

The first step in recovery at alcohol rehab Plymouth

When you arrive at the Plymouth clinic for alcohol treatment, you will be all ready to begin your addiction rehab. The local residential centre in Plymouth will welcome you with open arms, where staff will talk you through every aspect of the detox process. They will explain exactly what it entails and will answer any queries you may have so you are completely prepared for what comes ahead. The warm, friendly staff will show you around the grounds of the residential centre in Plymouth.  The residential clinic in Plymouth is renowned for its homely atmosphere, where you can stay in your comfortable living area and walk around the beautifully tended gardens. Making Plymouth the ideal location to battle your dependency.

The clinic in Plymouth helps people with a reliance on drugs or alcohol before they even enter the rehab centre in Plymouth. It offers an intervention service which can help the friends and loved ones of someone struggling with dependency convince them to get the help they need.

Assessment of alcohol abuse

If you have made the decision to commence rehab treatment in the Plymouth rehab clinic then you can profit from a vast array of alcohol detox therapies, alongside other services, which can help you whilst undergoing alcohol treatment in Plymouth.

Moving forward with alcohol treatment, you will have to pre-book before undergoing treatment at the rehab centre in Plymouth. However, it is possible to organise a new entry to alcohol rehab inside 24 hours of booking. Upon your admission to the addiction clinic in Plymouth, prior to beginning your alcohol detox treatment, clients will undergo a thorough assessment. The qualified medical staff in Plymouth will help you find a custom-tailored alcohol detox plan, to meet your individual needs. You will also be pleased to learn the rehab clinic in Plymouth will only have up to twelve people at a time, so you can receive close attention, to aid in your rehab, as you set off on a personalised alcohol treatment in Plymouth

Detox for alcohol withdrawal

When you begin your ongoing rehab program in Plymouth, the first phase in alcohol addiction treatment is to proceed with medical detox. The process where, under the supervision of the medical team and staff at the rehab centre in Plymouth, you will stop taking alcohol, as the toxins are gradually cleansed from your system. However, you should be aware that an inevitable part of your rehab treatment to battle drug or alcohol abuse, is experiencing unpleasant, often painful symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. The experienced medical staff at the Plymouth addiction residential centre will watch over your condition, note any change and prescribe any medication you require to deal with the side effects until you have completed detox in Plymouth.

During your stay at the Plymouth treatment centre, when you have completed your detox, you will then concentrate on the psychological, as well as the physical, ramifications of your alcohol addiction treatment.

You can examine any current or underlying issues which may play a role in your alcohol addiction, by attending regular counselling, both individually or as part of group therapy, at the clinic in Plymouth. Rehab Guide believe talking about your problems regarding alcohol can be a vital part of your treatment.

Therapies at the residential clinic 

The residential clinic in Plymouth also employs the latest techniques as part of a far-reaching drug and alcohol rehab therapy. These include utilising Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT in the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. The process of identifying and dispelling any negative thoughts or feelings which could lead you to continue taking drinking alcohol and eradicate the damaging connection you have with addiction. CBT treatments are also comprised of individual sessions where you can speak with a qualified counsellor who will help you address any personal problems on a one to one basis. Rehab Guide believes counselling and communication are crucial parts of alcohol addiction detox. The Plymouth clinic also holds workshops, to help those in addiction treatment address the problems they face both prior to and during rehab.

The staff at the clinic in Plymouth also believes in the benefits of a holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol addiction.  There are many different kinds of holistic therapies, incorporated in the treatment of various conditions and physical symptoms. They provide an interesting alternative to the use of conventional medicine in the treatment of alcohol addiction. The clinic in Plymouth utilises holistic therapies dealing with every aspect of an individual's struggle with addiction. Covering the mental, physical and spiritual side, using natural remedies, without the need for chemicals. Rehab Guide fully endorses the use of holistic therapy in alcohol rehab allowing you to overcome the effects of alcohol dependency during detox.

Aftercare for addiction

The team at the centre in Plymouth has also found great inspiration in the practices of the internationally renowned 12 Step addiction rehab therapy, endorsed by the world-famous organisation AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

The Plymouth rehab clinic also recognises the importance of a strong support system provided by friends and loved ones, through family therapy sessions. Offering those closest to you the opportunity to voice your concerns, discuss what you have gone through and your hopes for the future, which can assist in your recovery from alcohol addiction at our clinic in Plymouth.

How long your alcohol treatment lasts may vary, depending on the length and intensity of your addiction. The initial alcohol detoxication may last from a few days to several weeks, followed by a period of recovery from alcohol addiction which could continue for a matter of weeks or months.  However, you can rest assured your counsellor will determine when it is the right time for you to go home, reliant on the status of your alcohol recovery.

The clinic in Plymouth will be with you every step of the way during your alcohol addiction treatment. They will not rest until you have eliminated dependency from your life for good.

Price: Please contact us for information about our costs
Based: Nationally based
  • Open 24hrs
No referral required
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+
  • Substance misuse

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