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Wolseley 'Moving On' Stroke Club

The Wolseley 'Moving on' Stroke Club is a Stroke Association voluntary group. This is a friendly and sociable group who aim to bring stroke survivors into their community, particularly those living on their own, or with little contact with the outside world.

A stroke is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off.

Our group provides information and peer support and offers social and recreational activities including games, outings, talks and presentations by visiting speakers.

The group runs alternate on Wednesdays. Please get in touch for details of the next date.

Signs of stroke

  • Face: Can the person smile? Has their face fallen on one side?
  • Arms: Can the person raise both arms and keep them there?
  • Speech problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Is their speech slurred?
  • Time: If you see any of these three signs, it's time to call 999.

There is no way of knowing if symptoms will pass or get better when they first start, so you need to seek immediate medical help. A stroke is a medical emergency. Always dial 999. The quicker the person arrives at a specialist stroke unit, the quicker they will receive appropriate treatment.

Based: Nationally based

Fortnightly Wednesdays , 11am to 1pm

  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+
  • Carers
  • Stroke

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