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NHS Devon Dental Helpline

The NHS Devon Dental Helpline gives advice to people in Devon and Cornwall on where to find an NHS dentist. 

Contacts details

Telephone number: 03330 063 300

Finding an NHS dentist

To find a regular NHS dental practice in Devon or Cornwall please telephone 03330 063 300.

Urgent Out of Hours Service

The urgent out-of-hours dental service in Devon is accessible via 03330 063 300 and in Bristol, Dorset, North Somerset and South Gloucester by calling NHS 111.

The out-of-hours urgent dental service is for patients in need of relief from:

  • Acute dental painā 
  • Acute infection
  • Bleeding or trauma

Our call centre is extremely busy, on an average day we will be answering over 250 calls from patients experiencing dental pain and there are only a small number of appointments available.

What is a dental emergency?

  • Facial swelling that extends to the eye or neck area, closing the eye and/or affecting breathing or swallowing
  • Bleeding due to trauma
  • A broken tooth that is causing pain
  • Significant toothache that is preventing sleep, eating, causing swelling or fever that cannot be managed with painkillers

Not a dental emergency

  • Loose or lost crowns, bridges or veneers
  • Broken, rubbing, or loose dentures
  • Bleeding gums
  • Broken, loose, or lost fillings
  • Chipped teeth with no pain
  • Loose orthodontic wire - unless it's causing soft tissue trauma

Coping with dental pain at home

If you're experiencing facial swelling that is affecting vision or breathing, preventing your mouth from opening more than two fingers width, or trauma is causing loss of consciousness, double vision, or vomiting you need to go straight to A&E.

If over-the-counter pain medication is not helping please speak with your pharmacist.


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Based: Devon
  • Everyone, regardless of age

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