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Keltic Coaching and Counselling

Keltic Coaching and Counselling provides an integrative, client centred approach in all client work.

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Telephone number: 07766800575

An integrative approach simply means that your coach or counsellor will use a combination of approaches that bring together tools and techniques from different fields and theories.

Why would I see a counsellor?

Sometimes life's problems such as conflict in relationships, stress at work, a bereavement, confidence issues, anxiety, depression and so on, can lead to feelings of despair and hopelessness.  We can feel overwhelmed by negative emotions and struggle to find a way forward.  For many reasons, we can find it difficult to talk to friends and family about how we are feeling. At this time, starting a talking therapy has been proven to enable an individual to work through their difficulties, develop their own inner resources and make positive changes within their lives.

Therapeutic Counselling offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable for you.  It allows you to talk with someone who is professionally trained to listen attentively and help you to explore what's holding you back and find a way forward.  At Keltic Coaching & Counselling, we will support you to identify, understand, accept and overcome issues, problems and concerns, some of which may be long standing. Your counsellor will use an Integrative way of working, simply meaning that the approach will be tailored to your whole wellbeing, for example mind, body, emotions, soul and relationships. It may mean you would like to use creative techniques such as drawing or use a sandtray in combination with your talking therapy, the choice will be yours. Integrative Counselling can be seen as one of the most effective forms of Counselling.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching focuses on helping you to find the solutions to get you from point A to point B.  A coaching session will make it possible for you to gain clarity about the here and now and your future, rather than dealing primarily with your past.  A coach can help equip you with methods and techniques to enable you to make the decisions you choose to.   You will also discover how to maintain the changes you make by increasing your self awareness.

Coaches usually don't give advice or tell you what to do.They work with you to help you find what feels right for you by helping you reveal the answers to yourself through discussion, suggestions, exercises and reflection.  It can be creative and may move you out of your comfort zone but that's a great place to find new answers.

Price: Please contact us for information about our costs. Additional charge for cooked meals are £4.70 1 course, £5.40 2 courses and £6.00 3 courses.
Based: Plymouth

Free 30 minute consultation. Each session lasts 1 hour.

  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+
  • Anxiety
  • Substance misuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental health
  • Stress

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