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Mental Health Leads Training for Senior Mental Health Leads in Schools and Colleges - Wellbeing for Education Return

What does the training involve?

The Mental Health Leads training aims to improve schools' knowledge, awareness, and ability to recognise mental health within pupils. This course inspires staff to become more confident in acting to prevent further mental health issues and protect pupils' wellbeing. The goal is to provide senior leads and staff with the latest thinking and access to a network of peers and experts they need to lead change and develop or introduce a whole-school approach to wellbeing and mental health. It is strongly advocated for every school to have a Mental Health Lead, therefore this is a sought-after course.

Who is the training for?

There are two courses available.

  1. Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead (Middle leaders and leads who do not sit on the senior leadership team)
  2. National educational leaders in mental health (Heads and Senior leaders)

 Where does the training take place?

  • Courses are held at the Jan Cutting Health Living Centre in Plymouth and delivered by PCC Educational Psychologists, Hannah Hamlin, and Dougie Clarkson.
  • Each course consists of 3 days contact time (1 day per month across 3 months)

How to register?

  • Each course can be booked through the Mental Health Lead
  • To support costs there is a £1200 grant for each school from the DfE
  • Each course costs £800 (so if a school chose to put two practitioners on a course they would need to find the extra funds)

More information

For more information or if you have any questions please email

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