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Food Plymouth

Food Plymouth is the City's recognised Local Food Partnership. A 'central connecting hub' for all food-related matters in the City.

Support during Covid-19

The local response in Plymouth to food issues during the Coronavirus outbreak has been amazing! Partners already working to combat food insecurity in particular have been stepping up to help ensure that economically and medically vulnerable people are not left to go hungry. Individuals continue to give their time selflessly to support those most in need.

At Food Plymouth we are doing our best to help connect local organisations, businesses and groups to share best practice and resources and improve the coordination of local responses. We are linked to national food partners (e.g. Food Power and Sustainable Food places ) which permit us to have up to date information and guidance to share.

We would like to THANK all of our amazing partners who are working so hard during this time.

We are here to support you - so if you need us, please contact us.

Our multi-sector award winning partnership, founded in 2010, comprises a diverse mix of agencies, organisations, businesses, community groups and individual citizens, all working together to actively promote and lobby for healthy, sustainable and affordable food as a driver for positive change.


Based: Plymouth
  • Everyone, regardless of age

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