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Platform 50

We focus on supporting individuals, businesses and communities to be the best version of themselves that they can be, promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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Address:Francis Clark Llp
North Quay House
Hawkers Avenue
Telephone number: 07554 665461
Website address:

Free and accessible one to one coaching and mentoring support for up to 50 women aged 16-25, using female volunteer coaches and mentors from the local community. Empowering women to reduce anxiety, raise self-esteem and confidence and make good choices that impact positively on their mental and physical health long term. Supports the early intervention agenda.

Platform 50 offers women aged 16-25 access to coaching and mentoring support to empower them to reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety, which undermine mental health, and pursue a course of action which has sustainable long-term benefits for their health and wellbeing.

The coach/mentors are volunteers from the local community and receive training in coaching, mentoring and mental health awareness. They also receive ongoing development and coaching supervision.

The service is immediately accessible, free and open ended; there is no time limit to receiving help. There is no waiting list and no exclusions.

Each coach/mentor works with one young woman at any one time. This means that targeted, gender specific support can be offered to meet individual needs.

Platform 50 is already making a difference to women in the community in the following ways. It is immediately accessible and can reduce the risks of not accessing support at the point of need minimising deterioration of presenting concerns. It supports one of the city's most vulnerable groups. It is deploying and upskilling volunteers from the local community. It has supported young women into work, study and a more secure economic situation as well as addressing health and well-being concerns. It uses coaching and mentoring, both proven techniques to increase self-esteem and decision making.

Price: Free
Based: Plymouth
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • Mental health

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