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Ears and hearing directory

Complete Independence

Our vision is for deaf and disabled people to live in a world where they feel equal, valued by society and able to live independently.

Sensory Solutions - Improving Lives Plymouth

Formerly known as the Hearing and Sight Centre, Sensory Solutions provides information, advice and equipment for people of all ages with concerns about sight or hearing.

Royal Association for Deaf People

Promoting the welfare and interests of deaf people. Since 1841, the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) has worked to ensure that Deaf people have access to services in British Sign Language (BSL).

Complete Communication Ltd

We pride ourselves in providing a high-quality service for any situation where a disabled or Deaf Sign Language users and Hearing people need to communicate.

Audiology Services - Derriford Hospital

Audiology is the science of hearing and vestibular (balance) function. The audiology service sees patients of all ages who have hearing and balance disorders.

Living Options Devon

Living Options Devon is working across the South West to ensure that people with disabilities and Deaf people (who use British Sign Language) can live the life they choose.

West of England Hearing Implant Programme

The West of England Hearing Implant Programme (WEHIP) provides cochlear implants for adults and children throughout the south west.

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