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Dementia Advisor Service - Livewell Southwest

Advice and information to those with a diagnosis of dementia, mild cognitive impairment and individuals concerned about their memory.

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Address:Mount Gould Local Care Centre
200 Mount Gould Road
Telephone number: 01752 435358
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The Dementia Advisor Service is here to provide support, information and guidance to people with dementia or cognitive impairment, and their carers/supporters. Our service helps people to maintain their independence, improve their sense of wellbeing and provide ongoing support following a diagnosis.

Following diagnosis, support and education programmes will be available for those with a diagnosis and their carers/supporters. Dementia Advisors will provide ongoing information regarding services and available support. The service will be inclusive to all people worried about their memory or with a dementia diagnosis. 

5 week Livewell with Dementia course

Following a diagnosis of dementia people will be automatically referred to post diagnostic sessions which will take place at various locations across Plymouth. The two and a half hour sessions will run weekly over five weeks and cover the following key issues:

  • My dementia
  • Staying me
  • My wellbeing
  • My future
  • About me - creating my support plan

Our sessions will be run by Dementia Advisors who will provide assistance with the creation of an individualised support plan which focuses on enhancing people's wellbeing and current needs as well as forward planning around their dementia.

Review appointments will be offered to meet the needs of the individual and carer. 

Stand-alone sessions
In addition to the five week courses, the service will provide a range of one off sessions designed to meet the presenting needs and concerns of people using the service. 

Mild Cognitive Impairment 
Following a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment people will be automatically referred to a five week Memory Strategy Group course where they will be able to learn about how memory works, in a group of people who also experience memory difficulties.

The group will also explore different aspects of memory, what factors affect our memory and learn coping strategies in an informal setting. 

Community Memory Pathway 
The Dementia Advisor Service works in partnership with the Community Memory Pathway team which provides health based assessment, treatment and interventions for people of Plymouth who are experiencing memory difficulties that may indicate they have a dementia.

We also provide ongoing support, where appropriate, for people throughout the course of their dementia.

Based: Plymouth
Referral to our service can be by an individual, their families, carers or any health or social care professional. A referral can be made by telephone or referral form which can be requested from the Dementia Advisor Service on 01752 435358.
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+
  • Dementia

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