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Online courses for parents using the Solihull Approach

Free online antenatal education to help prepare for pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby.

The Devon Local Maternity System are delighted to announce that we have purchased a multi-user licence for four Solihull Approach online courses, for all parents and parents-to-be.

The free online courses include: 

  • Understanding your pregnancy, birth, labour and your baby
  • Understanding your baby
  • Understanding your child
  • Understanding your teenagers brain

 This means every single resident in Plymouth can access the courses completely free of charge.

These courses are for everyone who wants to be the best mum, dad, grandparent, carer that they can be. The Solihull Approach aims to improve emotional health and wellbeing by supporting relationships. The courses are written by CAMHS professionals with other health and education workers. They are evidence based and accredited by the DfE.

 Together we are aiming to change the culture around parents' self-development and improve children's wellbeing at the same time. A smoother home life is good for concentration, learning and performance at school.

How to access the free online courses

Frequently asked questions

What are these free access codes for? 
They are for enjoyable and popular online learning courses for parents and carers, called: 'Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby'; 'Understanding your baby'; and 'Understanding your child'.  The courses have been written by the Solihull Approach, which is a well recognised NHS provider of information and courses for parents. The online courses normally cost between £19-£39 each. You may have been given an access code giving you access to one or all of the courses completely FREE of charge.

Who are these courses for? 
For ALL parents-to-be, parents, grandparents or carers of any child from the antenatal period to age 18 years.  You don't need to be struggling. This course is relevant to parents of all children, including those with special needs, autism, ADHD etc.

What is the evidence supporting these online course? 
Research shows that this online course helps reduce conflict in families and increase closeness.  Families tell us these course help with managing children's strong feelings, family communication, understanding each other and behaviour. We are actively involved in evaluating all our groups. 'Understanding your child' and 'Understanding your pregnancy...' are accredited by the DfE.

What will I need to complete the online course? 
All you need to get started is your access code, an up-to-date internet browser on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (the local libraries or your school may be able to provide access to this), and an email address. Go to the website and apply the code when prompted. You will be asked for your email address and a password of your choice. This is so that you can return to the site, sign in and your account will remember that you have access to the course(s) and will resume from where you last left the course.

How much time do the courses take? 
They have between 9 and 11 sessions which take about 20 minutes each.  We recommend you do about one session a week.  There are activities for you to try between your online sessions which can enhance your learning.

How do I get started? 
Go to the website and apply the access code, and register for an account. Then take the course of your choice. Your account resumes the course at the point you last left it. You will not receive any marketing emails. Your details will not be passed to any third party. Your responses to the monitoring questions will be strictly anonymised. You may receive very occasional emails with updates about the courses. You will receive congratulatory emails as you progress through the course.

Do my access codes expire? 
Your coupon may have an expiry date, depending on where it came from.  However you only need to use the code the first time you enter the course, after that your log-in details will NOT expire and you can access the course for years to come, as your child grows.  So get going ASAP and continue at your leisure!

Price: Free
Based: Plymouth
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old

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