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A comfortable seat is essential for relaxation, socialising, and enjoying everyday activities in your home.

Within this section, you'll find information on a variety of seating solutions, equipment, and aids, all aimed at helping you sit down, get up, and helping you live life to the fullest.

Where to buy equipment to help keep your home safe

Plymouth City Council, NHS Devon, and Livewell Southwest have jointly commissioned NRS Healthcare to deliver the Safe+Well service, and they have over 2,500 daily living aids that you can purchase by mail order, telephone, or online.

View the Plymouth Safe+Well website

NRS has a dedicated phone line with a trained team of specialists who can answer any questions you might have. Just call 0345 6461860.

Other places to buy equipment from:

How to get adult social care support

Depending on your circumstances and how your needs are assessed, you might be eligible for support from the council. 

The easiest way to check what help you might be entitled to is to complete our online self-assessment. It only takes a few minutes, and at the end of the form, you have the option of making a referral and requesting a formal assessment.


Sitting down and getting up

Sitting is an inevitable part of daily life. However, for older adults living independently, prolonged sitting or improper posture while seated can lead to discomfort, pain, and even difficulty getting up.

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Finding the right size armchair

Selecting the right armchair goes beyond aesthetics. For older adults seeking to maintain independence or for families seeking comfort and support for their loved ones, an armchair can be an essential piece of furniture.

View page (Go to Finding the right size armchair)

Chair cushions

Maintaining comfort and support while sitting is crucial, especially as we age. Discomfort in standard chairs can lead to back pain, difficulty getting up, and even a reluctance to participate in daily activities.

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Pressure relief and guidance for sitting comfortably

Sitting is an essential part of daily life, but for older adults living independently, prolonged sitting or improper posture can lead to discomfort and even pressure sores. These sores, also known as pressure ulcers, develop when constant pressure restricts blood flow to a specific area of skin, typically on the buttocks, tailbone, or heels.

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Seat hoists, lifts and transfer aids

Maintaining independence in your home often hinges on your ability to move safely and efficiently around your living space. However, age-related changes in mobility, strength, and balance can make transferring from a seated position, between locations, or in and out of the bath or shower a daunting task.

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Home and indoor activities

Staying active and engaged indoors throughout the year is essential, especially for older adults. While some days may call for relaxation, maintaining a stimulating routine can significantly enhance physical and mental well-being.

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