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Asylum seekers and refugees

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If you are a refugee or asylum seeker and moving to Plymouth for the first time, then you might find the following organisations helpful. They can support you from your first day in our city and can answer any questions or concerns you might have.

You may also find the mental health support section and organisations in Plymouth that could help if you are lonely page useful.

Amber Initiatives

Amber Initiatives provides practical assistance to migrant workers from EU countries, helping them to comply with the UK legislation and solve their complex problems.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees - Livewell Southwest

The Asylum Seekers and Refugees Service, from Livewell Southwest, works with asylum seekers and refugees in order to promote social inclusion and fair access to health services.

Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support

Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support provides advice, support, education, IT facilities and a friendly communal space for asylum seekers in the region.

Ethnic Minority Achievement Team

The EMA Team continue to support children learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) and asylum seeker/refugee (ASR) children in schools.

Migrant Social Integration

Migrant Social Integration are are passionate about creating a welcoming space for individuals embarking on a new chapter in their lives.

Open Doors International Language School (ODILS)

ODILS helps people of other languages in the community to fulfil their potential in work, study and their communities by opening the doors to English in a supportive Christian environment.

PATH - Plymouth Access to Housing

Plymouth Access to Housing, from PATH, provides assistance to those in housing need, so to help prevent and reduce homelessness.

Plymouth and District Racial Equality Council

Plymouth District Racial Equality Council provides a safe and respectful environment for BME clients to enable them to feel that they are listened to and believed, so that they can have a voice and to say what they want about their experiences.

Plymouth Assisted Discharge Service - British Red Cross

The Plymouth Assisted Discharge Service, from the British Red Cross, supports patients in getting home after spending time in hospital.

Plymouth Excellence Cluster (PEC)

Plymouth Excellence Cluster (PEC) is the provider of targeted Early Help services that support children's social, emotional and mental health needs for Plymouth primary schools. The services have been developed collaboratively with schools and are constantly refined and shaped by them.

Refugee Integration Service (RIS)

The Refugee Integration Service (RIS) provides housing-related support to refugees. It aims to help refugees to set up and keep their accommodation.

Students and Refugees Together (START)

At START our work aims to support refugees to reduce the impact and isolation they feel coming to live in Plymouth in a number of different ways.

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