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Wisteria House (Woolwell) Dementia Care

Wisteria House, Woolwell, is the latest home in our collection. We bought the home in 2020 and spent 18 months renovating and refurbishing it to make a home that we are so proud of!

Wisteria House, Woolwell is designed for 33 people living with dementia. We have 24 hour specialist care and create an environment that makes our residents feel at home.

Contacts details

Address:465 Tavistock Road
Telephone number: 01752 770095
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Accommodation and facilities

We actively encourage relatives to bring in items that have a familiar feel about them and that may have sentimental memories for each individual. These may come in many forms; a favourite chair, a snuggle blanket, or old photographs are particularly important. Sometimes, recent photos can cause confusion depending on the individual's stage of dementia, so we encourage relatives to be mindful when choosing photos.

These items are great when it comes to settling down for sleep each night. When each individual has changed into their night clothes, the night staff team has time to sit and talk to each person for a few minutes; these items are great at starting a conversation. If you are living with dementia and trying to go to sleep, struggling to recognise your bedroom brings all sorts of unsettling feelings. Familiar and cherished things around you really help you relax and feel more at home. For people living in advanced stages, silky or satin material gently stroked down the cheek or brushing hair with a soft brush also helps a person relax before drifting off into sleep.

Communal spaces

Our communal rooms have been designed to suit different stages of dementia; some are a lot more quiet and have a slower pace, whereas others are where we often have our activities. We know that not everyone wants to take part in group activities, so we like to provide options for each of our residents' preferences.

Some people choose a room and stay in their favourite room for most of the day, but others change and gravitate to different rooms for different reasons. Some people who may be enjoying quiet music in the garden room may then like the idea of a DVD playing the film 'Disney Beauty and Beast'. Some of the people in the front lounge may be watching a black-and-white war film. Maybe listen or sing along to live music being played by the various visiting musicians that we arrange several times a week. Others may gravitate towards some arts and crafts, and some, surprisingly, just feel the need to help with something they have been doing all their lives—the washing up!


We have easy access to our large patio just off the garden room, which has plenty of tables and chairs with comfy cushions. This area will be very popular when visitors stay for dinner, drinks, and snacks with their relatives and friends. For people using wheelchairs or specialist chairs, there is easy access to the patio area. There is a large stock of garden activity 'stuff, from blowing bubbles to various bats, balls, skipping ropes, hoola hoops, etc., which can also be used by visiting children. A path leads from the patio past our snug sun trap bench, then through an arch, and onto a circular path with many interesting items to see en route. From here, you can sit and enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds, and watch the squirrels! Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to see our gardener mowing or weeding. We also have a double swing, which is an excellent way of distracting our more mobile people living at home as a way of reducing stress in good weather. 

Specialisms and services

  • Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care
  • Caring for adults over 65 years old
  • Dementia

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  • Contracted and Approved Supplier
Price: Please contact us for information about our costs
Based: Plymouth
Type of care:
  • Residential
Services available to ages:
  • 65 and over
  • Dementia

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