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Telecare Plymouth

Telecare Plymouth is a Plymouth based assistive technology company that covers Devon and Cornwall. We are a provider of a specialist emergency response service that has been set up with the aim of keeping older people independent in and out of the home. 

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Address:138 Beaumont Road
Telephone number: 07921 154275 / 07526 760193

We are unlike other local telecare providers, as we aim to equip individuals with accompanying information and services to promote long and healthy lifestyles.

We have specialist training and experience in bone health and osteoporosis, in telecare assessment, falls prevention and dementia (or Alzheimer's. On assessing for telecare, we are also well placed to advise on keeping individuals, safe and well within the home of your choice.

Our specialist is also a Dementia Champion and has worked for the Alzheimer's Society as a Support Services Manager. As a telecare service, we can help families deal with and understand Dementia and other long term health conditions.

Telecare Plymouth is more than telecare, as well as providing specialist equipment, our customers also have the additional specialist advice for free, as part of the package

Telecare equipment can help older people remain independent for longer than they would have without it. It is suitable for those who are becoming frailer, those with long-term health conditions - including dementia and chronic lung conditions, those who are at risk of falling and anyone who feel that they benefit from added support in time of an emergency.

Our most popular Telecare equipment is a GPS Mobile device, which the individual can wear inside and outside of the house. It is part of a 24/7 Telecare SOS emergency pendant service and is deemed to be more modern than the traditional pendant alarm system.

We can help the older person to access technology - via a smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer system. We can assist them with choosing easy to use mobile phones.

We can also access other telecare equipment such as falls detectors, smoke detectors and other household safety equipment. All our technology has remote monitoring, which provides reassurance for family members and carers.

Price: Please contact us for information about our costs
Based: Plymouth
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+

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