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Around the home support using assistive aids and technology

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Feeling comfortable in the space in which you live is essential to your wellbeing. House- keeping and cleaning can improve this sense of wellbeing and help to maintain independence. Apps that help explain more complicated house-keeping tasks using a story sequence can help us to remember these tasks easier.


Allows the user to create a sequential story with photos/images. Words and sounds can also be added to this. This could be used to explain the process of cleaning the house or using a particular utensil. 



Handheld vacuum cleaner

Easier to hold, manoeuvre and empty, a handheld vacuum cleaner can enable independence in house-keeping by making the action easier to perform. These also benefit from being widely available and reasonably priced. 


Long-handled dustpan

This prevents the need for bending down when sweeping. The dustpan has a flat bottom with shaped lip for efficient dust collection. 


Home Control

For freedom and independence at the touch of a button, RSLSteeper provides the best assistive technologies, allowing a greater level of independence to people within their home environment. Using a variety of home automation methods, from touch screen to direct eye control, the systems allow total control of everyday functions such as opening a door or answering the phone. 

It is also possible to control a full range of home media equipment, providing maximum flexibility and convenience for everyday living. 


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