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Care and personal safety support using assistive aids and technology

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Personal safety and safety in the home is vitally important to everyone. To enhance safety in the home there are several alarm systems available that will sound an alert if, for example, smoke or water is detected. Other personal alarm systems can be used to alert for assistance if someone finds themselves in difficulty.


Buddi is a mobile personal alarm system that provides assistance wherever and whenever it is needed. It helps active and independent people stay that way. Buddi's innovative use of GPS technology means that the Buddi service is more than a personal alarm service, and also acts as a 24/7 location finding device. The wearer is free to be as independent as possible, and their carers will never be out of touch with their movements. All Buddi memberships include an automatic fall alert, emergency alarm and unlimited online locating. Buddi users, wearers and members benefit from the support of a dedicated, in-house technical and customer care team that can assist with all aspects of owning a Buddi. 


Tynetec Altec Flood Detector

Wireless sensor which detects and alerts to potential flood situations such as taps left running or burst pipes. 


Fire Suppression Ltd

Automist fire suppressing device. Watermist has the unique ability to deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam that smothers the fire and prevents further oxygen from reaching it.     


Door entry system

Visitors can speak and be seen before entry by carer.  With 7" visual monitor 2-way audio.    


Era Locca Wireless

Allows carers to speak to visitors anywhere in the home or garden within a range of 200 metres. 


Alert Systems Pressure

To alert and raise alarms if clients fall out of bed or do not return to bed within predetermined time. 


Talking Caller ID Phone and Wrist, Pendant Emergency Button

The wrist alarm can be worn as a pendant and is water-resistant. When activated, the phone will call your 3 pre-programmed emergency numbers in sequence. Many languages available. 


Flashing door chime

This long range chime acts as apartment intercom alert.


Photo phone

Photos rather than numbers.


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