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Eating and cooking support using assistive aids and technology

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Choosing what we eat or drink and being able to prepare it and eat it ourselves, allows us to feel independent. People who are visually impaired may find navigating a traditional kitchen a daunting experience or find some food labels difficult to read. Assistive technology can help with this by communicating information in an easier format. Other forms of assistive technology can aid with the process of independent eating by helping with movement.

Please note that there is an element of risk involved in all specialist eating and drinking devices. We strongly recommend that you are referred to a Speech and Language Therapist prior to purchasing any of these products. An SLT will be able to assess your suitability and recommend the aids/technology most appropriate for you.

Eating devices

Living Made Easy is an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living.   


Neater Eater

An electrically operated system that offers a range of benefits to the user: allows independent feeding; improves posture and mouth control; helps to teach movements; motivates social interaction at mealtimes.   


Scoop plate

The suction lip plate is designed with an inner lip to help aid individuals who have difficulty when eating, particularly with one hand.


Anti-tremor spoon

Pick it up - Sensors in the handle detect your hand tremor and adjust accordingly. 

Start eating - Liftware quickly responds to your tremor and steadies what you hold.

Spill less - shift attention away from spilling and onto the people you are with. 


Drinking cups and beakers

Spill-proof cup, dysphagia cup, hand steady mug.   


Good Grips Cutlery

Good Grips Cutlery has large, cushioned handles with soft flexible ribbing at the top, ensuring they are comfortable to hold even when wet and are adaptable to any grip. Made of stainless steel with latex-free rubber handles.   


Talking microwave

Ideal for the blind and visually impaired. Spoken requests to stir or turn food during cooking. Full spoken confirmation of functions and cooking times. 


RNIB Pen Friend

Use the Pen Friend to label food items, even freezer food, and include use-by dates and cooking instructions. Use it as you go around the shop. Label items as you place them in your basket so that you know what they are when you get home. Use it to place notes on medicine packaging and organise household paperwork. 


Water boil alert

A small stainless steel disc that rattles when water reaches the boil in a pan. Useful as a memory prompt. 


Swedish vice cutting/holding board

This adaptable cutting board can be used to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls. Designed for one-handed use, with stainless steel food spikes and a vice to hold objects. The vice can be used to hold jars while opening lids.


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